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Do you want SONG OF THE SOUTH released on video?

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Believe it or not, Disney has set up a webpage to get the public's vote for this film on VHS or DVD!
Go to the Disney Video & DVD page NOW and vote!


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I'm torn about this. On the one paw, it is furry, some of Disney's best early furry work. On the other paw, it reinforces some horrible stereotypes about blacks. On the third paw, I despise Disney, for having tossed 'ReBoot' off the air when they took over ABC's Saturday morning programming. On the fourth paw, (I can do this, because ferrets have four paws after all.) I own stock in Disney. Quelle dilemna!

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I tried their "click here to vote" link. It lead

to a page for voting on your favourite Disney

animated movie. It didn't even mention whether

"Song Of The South" ought to be re-released. It

might just be my browser...

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Yeah, I clicked on that one too. But I went back and looked around a bit and found the right link. It was kinda buried in there but it asked if you'd like it on VHS or DVD and had a window to include your comments as to why you'd like to see it re-released in the United States. (You can buy Song of the South in Europe.)

Swift Fox

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