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Organ transplant hospital for pets

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A Guelph vet, Miroslaw Ruka, is trying to set up a hospital dedicated to transplanting organs into seriously ill cats and dogs.
Like humans, cats and dogs often suffer from diseases and cancers of vital organs, and like humans there is a severe shortage of organs and competent doctors to implant them. Unlike humans, of course, most of these animals would have to be put down.

The Cambridge Centre for Medical and Veterinary Services will cost $16.5 million to set up initially, but with an estimated 1.5 % of the North American pet population suffering from a condition which necessitates a transplant, there will be the demand to make up for it.

Kidney and pancreas transplants are planned, but not heart and liver ones, which require huge amounts of blood. Just as there are no animal organ donor cards, there is no animal blood bank.


Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes)

Wow, this is great. I notice this trend (and hope it continues) of attempting to treat our animal friends as we would treat fellow humans. Pets are family, too, to many people.

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