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Move over, Aibo, it's Necoro!

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The robotic pet has finally gotten... fuzzy. Necoro is the first robotic pet (a cat) with fur. Designed to resemble a real cat, it has moving ears, tail, eyes, mouth and limbs. It makes cat sounds. It has a cat like look. Essentially, it looks like someone brought a taxidermied cat to life. Oh well. Maybe model 2 will be an improvement in the realism department.


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Oh, I hope they decide to market those in the U.S.! Before you know it, they'll be marketing robot cats touted as "just like the real animal--except no litter box required!"

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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That thing looks like it would suck a baby's soul from its body at the first opportunity. Aiee, mecha-devil-kitty!

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Necoro was first reported here back in October, but this article gives a lot more information.

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The Necoro ex Mortis ;)

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