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Announcing our exec staff for FC2003

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Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, Inc. (AAE), the parent company for
Further Confusion, is proud to announce the executives for Further Confusion 2003:

From Aureth: Click Read more for the new staff list.

  • Convention Chair: Lee "Chairo" Strom
  • Convention Vice-Chair: Michael "Aetobatus" Sawyer
  • Convention Events Director: Jason "Loran" Thomas
  • Convention Business Director: David "Flint Otterhall" Cooksey
  • All four members have years of experience on the executive boards of
    Further Confusion and other conventions.

    We are very happy about another announcement: For the first time, we
    had a choice between two different groups putting together bids. Both
    groups were well-prepared, and in our opinion, either group would have
    run a very solid, professional convention.

    We consider Further Confusion 2003 to be the start of our second
    generation of conventions: Neither group was headed by members of AAE.
    We're feeling humbled, knowing that next year will start a new saga
    for our convention. But we know that Chairo will grow the convention in
    new and exciting ways, and we stand behind his experience,
    demonstrated commitment, and creativity.

    Brent E. Edwards
    President of Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, Inc.


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