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FC2002 Fursuit Photo Shoot pictures online

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Submitted by Tugrik (FC2002 Photographer and FurryMUCK Wiz):

For those interested, the pictures from the Further Confusion 2002 "Fursuit Photo Shoot" are being posted. The first 1/3rd of them are online, and more will be added over the space of this week. You can find them, and other Further Confusion photographs, at:

It's a new imageserver coded by Darren New, and this is its shakedown cruise. So far it's been holding up pretty well. Comments and criticisms are welcomed. The server has a 'comment' interface on each picture if you wish to use it; otherwise feel free to contact me directly at



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Hey wow, those are some great shots - and I like the background that was used. A bit "Sears Portrait Studio" genre, but still nice.

Grace and Peace - Camstone Fox

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