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Anthrocon elevator update

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I suppose it's a bad sign when elevator repair work is a major news item but judging from the reports from last year's Anthrocon it's certainly a matter of concern. The short version: they're going to get better (hopefully), but they're not going to be 100% fixed.

Note from Gene: Click "Read more..." for the official announcement from the convention chair.

From: Dr. Samuel Conway
Subject: FUR: ANTHROCON elevator news!
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 18:19:59 -0500

Word has reached me from "Magic Tom" Hughsted, the dedicated Convention Services Manager of the Adams Mark, that the elevator renovation project has finally been approved!

He asks that Anthrocon and its very kind and intelligent members maintain their patience this year as the hotel launches the following tentative schedule:

The renovation project is slated to begin at the beginning of May. One elevator at a time will be replaced, with the process lasting approximately 8 weeks for each car. Thus, at the time of Anthrocon, the hotel expects the following situation:

1 newly-renovated elevator (yay!)
1 elevator out of service for renovation (not much change!)
2 elevators operating as before.

With a new elevator service contractor in place, the hotel is hoping that the two existing lifts will be kept in better running condition than in 2001 (they have since released the contractor they were using). The bottom line is that whereas the elevator problem will not be completely fixed for 2002, it will be greatly improved, and by 2003 we should have all-new state of the art elevators that will rival those in the Wonka factory.

Please remember that this schedule is a tentative one and many factors can change it. But I am pleased that the hotel has at last taken steps to remedy the problem. I hope that the membership will be patient with them and will understand that projects of this magnitude take an enormous amount of time and planning to pull off properly.

Not much different from putting on a con, IMHO.

-- Uncle Kage


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