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Chinese student pours sulphuric acid on endangered bears.

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Read the news story here.
Chinese student "tests bear intelegence" by tricking them and pouring acid on zoo bears. The common belief locally is that bears are dumb, so a university student, Liu Haiyang, set about attacking caged zoo bears to prove humans are in fact the stupider animal.

from MelSkunk: The original submission was just a full cut and paste of the news article, which I rewrote to make suitable. Please remember, you have to rewrite the news in your own words. Just cutting and pasting can get Flayrah into copyright troubles.



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Well, I think that conclusively proves it. HUMANS ARE STUPID.

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Yup. Proves what my parents already knew from seeing morons on the road. (Both in and out of cars.)

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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In this case, I don't think stupid covers it. I would have to say that this person is just mean and vicious.

His "experiment" is so badly designed that it is not even worth the word. A conciensious scientist would avoid doing harm to his subject if at all possible. I think this fellow was simply caught torturing the animals and tried to use an excuse.

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