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Anthrocon 2002 Convention Book Submission Contest

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Artists and writers, Anthrocon needs YOU!

Why? For our con book, of course! Every year Anthrocon showcases some of the finest talent from among our membership in its convention book. Both artwork and short stories dealing with our theme for 2002 of "INVENTION" are needed.
What's in it for you? Two things! First, there is the pride that you will feel seeing your work presented in such a fine and cherished collectible publication. Second (as if the first wasn't enough), Anthrocon is continuing its tradition of placing into Uncle Kage's famous black hat the name of each artist or writer who submits work for publication. One name from each discipline will be drawn (one artist and one writer), and that person will be awarded a FREE SUPERSPONSORSHIP to Anthrocon 2002, which means a free T-shirt, a free luncheon with our guests of honor, access to the Supersponsor Lounge and most of all, a NIFTY RIBBON to wear on your badge! What's more, we'll put your name into the hat once for EACH piece you submit. So if you submit multiple pieces, you have that many more chances to be picked.

We accept black and white artwork, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and any other works that fit in with our theme. The deadline for submission is April 15th, 2002 for consideration in the contest (though we'll still accept submissions until May 1). Remember, ach piece that is properly submitted according to our guidelines will be given an entry. Full information (such as how to properly submit work and where to send it ) can be found on our web page at

-- Uncle Kage!


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