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McDonald's "100 Years of Magic" Promotion Features Obscure Disney Characters

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McDonald's is promoting a year-long celebration of Disney with character figurines in their Happy Meals. Many are obscure, such as Practical Pig, Panchito, Jaq, Lucky, etc. This is significant in that this is the first time in decades that many of these characters (many of which are furry) are seeing the light of day, much less being featured. A full checklist of all toys to be released is at:



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Interesting, but in several instances their selections seem out of whack. Why are there five figurines from Aladdin when no other movie from 1989-2000 has more than three? It's nice to see a few obscure characters on the list, but far too many of the hundred are the same characters Disney has always promoted ad nauseum, while there are many others I would like to have seen that didn't make the cut. No Nala? No Hyacinth Hippo or Ben Ali Gator (from "Dance of the Hours" in "Fantasia")?

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Coool, there's Bernard and Bianca, and Flower. Thumper and Bambi, and the Aristocats.


I may just have to go to McDonalds (oh the horror), but if only I could predict/control WHAT figures I would be getting........ that's always a problem...

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In fact, predicting what toy you will get will be even harder than usual, since the little polybag that the toy comes in is a opaque white instead of the usual clear, with no indication of which character is inside.

If you're really familiar with what characters are being offered, you might be able to tell what you're getting by touch and/or holding the bag to the light, but it's an iffy proposition.

I seem to recall that when McD and Disney did the 101 Dalmations Happy Meal toy, that there was an address you could send away for to order a complete set. Perhaps they'll do something like that again.

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I hope so. It'd be nice for collectors and non-collectors alike; that way collectors won't be buying out entire supplies of them leaving none for the kits, as happened often during the reign of the Beanie Babies.

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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