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Plastic Surgeon Offers To Help People To Look More Like Animals

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Mad surgeon is busy developing techniques to make the human body more beastly!


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When they perfect this (and in 20 or so years when I have the money for it; whichever is later) I would SO get a tail. Of course, said 20 years to get the money would also give me enough time to think over whether I truly want it. =^.^=

After all, it'd be exactly what I'd look for, given neural sensation and sufficient motor control. But it'd also be permanent, unlike my current belt-on fox tail (which I wear around nearly all the time), synthetically made for $25 at a convention. So I'd have to put a LOT of thought into whether I really wanted it or not.

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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Make you look more like an animal? If someone's crazy enough to spend a hundred thou or so, I guess.

And hey, if the op fails and you come out looking like an extra from _Island of Doctor Moreau_, you can always get a job as a sideshow geek with the Jim Rose Gen-Xer Freak Show...

Bet the Portal of Evil crowd is loving this.

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YES!! Count me in! Where is the sign up sheet!?!?

Hawk <>

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I'm glad someone got this URL posted. When Art Bell had featured the article realtime on his show back on the 11th or 12th, I tried for hours to find the article on the Guardian, but to no avail.

Personally, I would just go for the tail, myself.. :) However.. what's a tail without fur? :( They'll need to work on that part. :)

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Exactly. That's why I said "20 years to perfect the process;" 'cause I want fluff.

That and 20 years will give me a chance to gain some age, experience, and wisdom, so I can make a truly informed decision on whether or not to do something so drastic.

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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I figure 20 years to be practical, 100 years to be socially acceptable. It's taken nearly that long for tattoos to go from being the purvey of freaks and disreputable sailors to something respectable people have done.

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