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Ferrets to be banned in NZ

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Well, after years of threatening, New Zealand is banning pet ferrets. The article is full of inaccuracies (NO other place overseas has a feral ferret population besides NZ, and NZ's was the result of intentional release of thousands of animals 100 years ago).
If you live in New Zealand, stick up for your friends with ferrets, please!


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i can't speak for new zealand but in a more general sense - ferrets might be considered more or less borderline exotic - and like all creatures not everyone is intimately familiar with have special needs not everyone is neccessarily either educationaly or otherwise equiped to deal with - however i've always thought the idea of outright bans a bit excissive - something more like a driver's licence test to keep a particular species of creature would make a lot more sense - there are a lot of more or less endangered species that i suspect would actualy bennifit from being allowed to be kept as pets - ferrets have somewhat filled this gap where other species have been bannd - personaly i'd love to be able to keep something like red pandas or one of the more exotic varieties of small cats - but i would also want to make sure i understood their special needs and was able to meet them too - it's part of a larger issue really that IS admittedly quit complex - but for any of a large number small relatively non-aggressive species this sort of outright ban seems an excessively simplistic approach ... ~;)

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I don't know why ferret owners always seem to feel their desire to own a particular pet should trump environmental concerns. It's an odd sort of conceit most of them probably wouldn't tolerate from other people. (If I complained about not being able to own a 'pet hot rod' that violated car emissions requirements, would they stick up for me?)

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