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Obituary: Colin Palmer, NZ furry webmaster and fursuiter

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Colin Palmer New Zealand furry fan Colin Palmer died unexpectedly on November 15, aged 39. He is survived by his partner, Nipper.

Colin maintained several furry websites, including and the NZfurry mailing list, and (as Nicol Firefox) furry image and story archive Cub Central. He featured prominently in media coverage as a New Zealand fursuiter, provided hosting and IT support for FurcoNZ, and participated in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Colin received a BSc in Computer Science from the Victoria University of Wellington in 1997, and worked for over twelve years as a systems programmer and Linux server administrator for the University of Waikato; in March 2013 he moved to Mako Networks.

Colin's funeral will be at 3PM on Thursday 27 November at the chapel of Morrison Funeral Directors at 220 Universal Drive, Henderson, Auckland. A memorial for friends and family will be held 29 November in the Wellington area.

Update (21 Mar): The website Colin founded, Cub Central, is set to close after his death.


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Yes, this is rather enigmatic. People who are only 39 do not usually die unexpectedly except by a clear accident. I assume that he did not have a known pre-existing medical condition. To some extent, I feel that this is none of my business, but "unexpectedly" with no following explanation does leave the reader wondering.

Fred Patten

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Yesh, a tad vague. Maybe it's just me but I always prefer when wikifur articles or blurbs about people offer enough to create a mental image of the person, especially if a person passes on it just feels like there's some resolution missing if only bare details are offered. Colin certainly sounds like he was active enough that more details of his life and death would come up (and except for the same vagueness regarding his death, wikifur certainly does share Nicols many accomplishments in furry). In any case, always sad to hear of another furry passing away.

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So sad, Rest in peace and my heart goes out his Mate.

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This shows how far out of the loop I am in fandom issues.

I met Colin and Nipper once at FC, years ago. Both quite nice people.

I am very sorry to hear of Colin's passing. My deepest condolences to Nipper - and to anyone Colin knew - for their loss.

- RfM

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Very shocked and dismayed to see my old favorite Cubcentral going down, and even more upsetting to know why. My heart goes out to Nipper and to all my fellow furries who enjoyed his site.

I do hope Nipper won't close it just yet; I'm sending out an emergency "evacuate everything" message to some friends who I know also liked the site because I just now learend of all this.

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I worked with Colin and I found him kind, modest, helpful and very good at what he did. He was my go to person and respected by everyone that worked with him. I found out today that he died last year so want to pay my respects - I liked Colin and respected him and I am glad that I did work with him even though I was not overly happy in my job at that time. go well Colin and big condolences to his partner, I hope you are coping OK

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