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Cub Central set to close after fifteenth year of operation

Edited as of Sun 24 Apr 2022 - 03:00
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Cub Central Cub-focused furry art and story archive Cub Central is closing its doors, after almost fifteen years of uptime.

The site, dedicated to "works containing furry or cartoon characters under the ages of puberty for their species", was founded in April 2000 by Nicol Firefox. His death in November led to the site's demise, announced by Nipper:

Sadly Nicol is no longer with us to run this site. I believe that most activity has since moved to other sites, and CC was no longer under active development.

I will leave the site up for a couple of weeks in case artists want to retreive their art, after that it will be decomissioned.

Cub Central once hosted over 5500 pictures and almost 900 stories in its public and private galleries, but activity tailed off with the rise of Fur Affinity. When FA banned cub porn in 2010, most fans of it chose to move to sites such as Inkbunny and SoFurry instead of Cub Central.


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Oh. No.

I'm heartbroken.


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Getting Portal of Evil flashbacks, cross?

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Well, now I am ... GreenReaper was the one that added the Cub Central link to my article; I had specifically picked examples that weren't embarrassing to the fandom, then he decided my article needed a bit more child pornography references.

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What can I say, I did a WikiFur search… alas, since PoE did die in 2011, and there's that five-day thread limit, there seems to be no record of what transpired there beyond the thread on, which soon descended into irrelevant bickering and a debate on QWERTY vs. Dvorak keyboard layout. Probably for the best.

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Stories? I bet those included diapers and OTHER THINGS.

Well, I'll be...

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I never did have an account but I really wanted one.
Didn't know Sofurry allowed Cub art, but I do hang out over Inkbunny for it now.
Surprised that Secret Treehouse is still up too with the fall of Cub Central

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Well, it's based on a MUCK location which is still up, too, although I understand most of the action has moved to the Esclave.

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