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GraphXPress Down

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Jim Groat's GraphXPress website, home of the popular and infamous "West Corner of the Park" comic strip, has gone down. It appears that the site has become unavailable due to differences of opinion between the web/sitemaster and Jim Groat. The webmaster's side of things can be seen by clicking on the link above.


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If i read that message i can only say "Good, you should've done that earlier". But another part of me find such quite mean. Those are his words, but the other party can't even defend themselfs.

That's like if i would host, shut it down and put any kind of nasty speach about the owner. Who knows it it's true, or even how much is true?

But what i DO know, is that putting such a nastly message up so people like me (I have never heard from either of them) can read the filth that is their personal business

So in short, that guy that posted that 'slander' (true or not) isn't a very nice guy either >:/



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>Those are his words, but the other party can't even defend themselfs.

I beg to differ. This is the Internet, after all. There is nothing to stop Jim from posting his side of the story to Usenet, or setting up another webpage somewhere else, or telling furs about it on FurryMUCK.

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I believe the other poster was referring to the fact that strictly on that site, there was no mention of Jim's side of the story. Sure, he could post it somewhere, but how would those who view his site know where to find it?

I'm going to hold off judgement, myself...simply because I don't know all the facts. All I know is the story...and only one side of the story, at that.

Which is why, and since I am myself neither of the directly interested parties, I am going to keep my muzzle shut about this matter for the time being.

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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And that means.....?



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The site currently just reads:

The site is down temporarily while being moved to new servers.

I'm grateful that the webmaster has decided to be more professional, but I'm curious...

What was the original text?

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For those curious, here's the original text from the site, re-created here without commentary.

--@@-- is down

Nope. It's not due to any financial duress on the part of Jim Groat. Not at all.

Jim Groat has had this website hosted and maintained, since 1996, absolutely free of charge. Hasn't paid a cent, despite his claims to the contrary. Nope. All of the web design, layout, organization, scanning of related merchandise, creation of CGIs to handle the comic strip, were all provided to him for free. Nifty deal, eh?

You see, a lot of things Jim does or sells are not done by him. His comic strips have other authors for ideas or are art jams, his calendar is assembled by another person, his folios are filled with art donated by other artists, and his comics are written, drawn, and inked by other artists.

Even when he does work on something, he passes as much of it off as possible. A great example is the WCOTP strip. When one is finally drawn and inked, Jim has his wife scan it and mail it to me. I get to gamma-correct, straighten, crop, optimize and load the strip. And then usually get hounded to post a message on the BB in the park about it. It appears that use of FTP and posting on a BB for his own strip is just too much for Jim.

In short, Jim Groat uses sympathy and such of his financial and physical state to get folks to donate and perform work for him, as I did with this site. I have come to realize that I am being used, and that I am generally considered a "patsy" for doing so by Groat and family. Thusly, the site is closed.


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Hey, it only took Bennie a few years to discover this. I remember saying as much in FurryMUCK back when Groat first announced his intentions to do this strip on, and being told to shut up.

Can I prove it? No, and for that reason (and the fact I am posting anonymously), no one should believe me.

However, I can still make a prediction: Groat will -- despite warnings like this one by Bennie -- use this event to gain sympathy, and he will continue to do everything he has been doing as soon as new people volunteer to assist him.

He's NOT gone, folks, and he's not GOING to go. If you like his stuff, there WILL be more. If you don't like his antics, there will STILL be more. Even if WCotP never sees the light of day again. Simple as that.

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Thanks for posting the original text. I was confused there for a while.

Now if only I knew where/when/to whom Groat allegedly called Bennie a 'patsy,' my comprehension of the situation would be complete. But then, maybe some things are better left unknown....

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Well, whatever problems of poor socialization (as vets would put it) Jim Goat might have I will give him this. WCOTP got me curious to go onto FurryMUCK, the muck got me curious enough about matching names to faces that I went to Confurence this past year, and the convention has gotten me out and about seeing folks like not other time in my life. Regardless of what other faults or weakness he has, in an indirect way he did me a good turn.

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You know... at least the webmaster could have been big about it and put up something like..."This website will be closed on 15 APR 2002, because I can no longer provide the free support it requires. Those wishing to support WCOTP are encouraged to contact Jim Groat ASAP." And allowed Jim and Company to move the existing files and find another home service for it. But unfortunately, as is usually the case, he felt the need to justify taking the website down immediately because he had some sort of disagreement with the Groats.

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Yes.... but in the heat of the moment, having felt insulted by someone you were doing a very large favor (or so it seems, having seen only one side of the story), it can be hard to act as one ought. That the webmaster thought better and decided to behave less spitefully after the initial posting, and decide to retract a rant composed in anger, speaks well of him. Being someone who doesn't always think through her words before making them public, I sympathize with his position, feelings and actions... And of course, that said, I feel your suggestion of webpage announcement content and action was wise and balanced. Would that we would all see things as clearly and calmly BEFORE we pressed the 'upload' button!

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Here, here... hindsight is always and unfortunately at least 20-20. Well made point.

Grace and Peace - Camstone Fox

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I hadn't seen the original text either, my thanks. I'm one of the many furs who have enjoyed Jim Groat's stuff over the last few years. I won't express an opinion as to who's right or wrong in this dispute, but I hope that it gets resolved soon.

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