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Four activist furries raise nearly $9,000 for in four hours for charities to assist Black and Indigenous people

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As conventions have been closed, the charitability of the fandom marches on as Pibble, Chise, Nas, and Wolf (aka Kind7ed) lead a fundraising effort collecting nearly $9,000 for Project Okra and the Navajo Nation. They did this during the stream on Picarto where they played Jackbox games while hanging out and telling stories.

Project Okra is an organization that pays black trans* chefs who provide meals for black trans* individuals who are facing food insecurities, along with other community services. The Navajo have been fundraising to help deal with the impact of the Coronavirus on their people. Each received $4,365 dollars as a result from the stream.

Being persons of color themselves, they felt it essential to help their fellow BIPOC (Black/Indigenous People of Color) and they have been quite ecstatic at the success of surpassing their goal of $1,000 by such a sizable margin. It has shown that there is a strong desire to help communities of color within segments of the fandom.

As a result, this group of furries are in discussion of starting their own furry convention that will emphasize having the leadership comprise mostly of individuals of color. They indicate the desire to do this in order to help boost confidence and help BIPOC furs engage with the fandom and take on leadership roles in the community in a way they feel they could not in current conventions that have a dominating presence of white leadership. It would be the first physical convention to do so.

There are precedents of online gatherings with BIPOC leadership. A virtual convention was held in a Minecraft server in April of 2019 called NonStopWorld. It was run by NonStopPup, Nat, and Draz. They were able to have a gathering with over 1,100 concurrent Discord users.

They plan to hold their second year of NonStopWorld on July 18th - 19th.


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Very well done, but when I see NonStopPup I just roll my eyes. I didn't even know they were a POC but their Twitter is just so loud and obnoxious I've had them muted for years.

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It's hard for me to think of any fur's Twitter feed as loud and obnoxious these days with Trump tweeting having numbed me to it.

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You'd think NonStopPup would be able to afford a keyboard that wasn't stuck in all caps.

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I think perpetual caps lock must be a wolf thing (it was part of @sickofwolves shtick, if I recall correctly).

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I like the idea that Sonious is recognizing a person for doing something to help people, and the first comment is someone who can't even be bothered to identify himself going, "Yeah, well I find the guy's tweets to be annoying," like anyone gives a shit

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How are letters on a screen loud and obnoxious they're just LETTERS.

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In a follow up, Nas has been relieved of being part of the board as accounts have come out from transmasculine individuals note of a pattern of fiscal and emotional predatory behavior toward them.

His Trumpian* response to this was to Tweet "Girl Power!" at the group of transmasculine individuals coming forward.

*Trumpian (adj) - Brashly double down to enforce controversy and wear it with pride, typically using social media, with a goal of drawing attention to oneself without care of perception.

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Woah, the "fiscal and emotional" description did not have me prepared for the straight-up sexual assault and general sex pestery that's heavily present in most of the stories.

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Apologies, should have noted that.

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This whole page is absolutely amazing, it reads like an adventure into an alien world.

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I love your Spirit. You make me think of my lovely, peacful, natural eared, black and rust colored Doberman, Kobi. He experienced a furry convention. It was a wonderful adventure for him. He eagerly went into elevators for his next adventure when the doors opened. He felt like he was entering another dimension in time and space. Kobi was constantly amazed by what he saw.

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People who use the media to condemn others are not paying attention to how they are. Those people are using the same kind of judging that Christs enemies used. That was the same kind of Judging that Sodomites used. I like your relaxed kangaroo fursona.

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It's still the seventh day, and I am not going to be waiting for the 8th for the heavens to awake and make a judgement call in the future for something I need to assess within my life time.

And no other mortal being should be expected to either.

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Heaven is already in your peacful self. You are preparing for what is not yet seen that is eternal. You have faith waiting for it. Your breath will be with God had the body die before that time.

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Furries, The church is lying to you and has been lying ever since 1492 when Indian killers came here. Charity is talked about in 1 Corinthians 13 - 4 - 7 KJV that never passes away. That is not a place where money is given to. Ask and receive seek and find world wide would replace that. The giving we have now is, here, take that. Beggars cannot be choosers. Jesus will not say that to a person.

Leaf Ericson was the Christian, going back to Greenland. He missed Greenland on his first attempt being blown of course landing on what we see as North America. He stayed then winter setting sail for Greenland in the spring.

People need to not use their mouth to abuse people. Decern who talks like Jesus and who does not. Left people are blind and deaf as Christ enemies. All of us are a color, not just black. be kind to others. Pedo's and zoo's are people. Church wants you to think that that is a lie.
Be good to Pedophilia and zoophilia people. The church wants people to not see them as people. Muslims are not pedophilia people. They want to take over the world. Pinky and the Brain would be kinder to us, than them.

Church leaders are posers saying their problem is pedophilia, lying. Pedophilia people are honest. A major lie the church teaches is eternal suffering. Helling was changed to be a tormenting place. When ever a thing was covered, it was helled. That is the original meaning. Helling a house was putting a roof on the house. The soul that sins it a shall die. A dead soul cannot suffer.
A Cival union is not marrage. Gays: stay away from the catholic church. Stay out of the Military too. God who is not seen is our strength, not weapons, or our sinful arm.

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The universe would be an inky dark place, had black be the only color. Think about that.

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Be good to Foxler and the Alt Right furry Raiders. They love you. What they say is evidence that. Don't strive against them. They want the furry fandom to be a loving inviting place. They want people to say don't be afraid and fear not one to others. God and Angelic beings say that to us when seen as they are.

Genitalia is good to see. I am teaching the public this. Testicles were on an animated bull in Red Notice. People allowed South Park to show an erect penis on a horse. South park was allowed to show a kid jacking off a dog, seeing its penis. People outside the furry fandom are changing. Their stony heart is being replaced with a heart of flesh.

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Money that was brought here in 1492 brings food insecurities. The settlers destroyed the Indians food supply giving them ultimate insecurities. Ask and receive back and forth with everyone being rejected brings on those insecurities. Had black be the only color all others would be transparent. Black people would be bumping into people and whatever else, unable to see them, or buildings, or trees, or whatever else. It would be a weird, weird place.

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It would be the same as being blind, and yet being able to see. Black people would need a blind mans cane to walk around. Transparent people would be able to see each other. They see all as being a different color. The problem is in the mind. That changes when people see that all are of a different color.

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And a very Merry Christmas to you too!

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