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Fursuiters and a strip club in Japan

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A group calling itself the Fairy Troop has been supporting a strip club by dressing up as stuffed animals.

Some quotes from the article:

Shukan Jitsuwa (5/2) notes that the Fairy Troop, a group of guys that show their support for strippers at the club by dressing up as stuffed animals, has attracted attention from strip fans across Japan.
"They're an amazing group," stripper Kion Aida tells the magazine. "All the regulars gather on weekends, bang away on tambourines, clap their hands and shout out their support for the girl up on stage."
. . .
Fairy Troop members get about in garb resembling popular cartoon characters, cutesy animals like chickens or monkeys, and in some cases even monsters, in a show of strength for their club's strippers.
To get other patrons more involved in the act, they'll dance, sing or hurl ribbons throughout the club.


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...So, the guy who started the group calls himself Mr. T?

...I have no clue if there's some kind of wacky symbolism associated with that, so I'm not even going to speculate.

*hmm, what's missing from this post? Oh, of course! My traditional gratuitous use of dialect in a pun-infested manner!*


*there we are. =^.^= chyrrrrr*

(Apologies for the extremely off-topic nature of approximately 58% of this post.)

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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It should be " I pity the Foo !"

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