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Anthrocon Hotel Announcement

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From: Dr. Samuel Conway
Subject: FUR: ANTHROCON hotel announcement
Date: Sun, 26 May 2002 08:45:42 -0400

The Adams Mark has decided to give us the "Run of the house", which means they have released *every* sleeping room.

And naturally, the remaining rooms filled up in a matter of days.There are currently exactly SIX rooms left in the hotel. I do not expect that they will last long. I have therefore arranged for overflow space at the same hotel we chose last year. Thus, if you try to make a room reservation and are told that the hotel is full, please call the HILTON TWELVE CAESARS (formerly the Radisson) at 215-879-4000.

The Hilton is located approximately 1/3 mile up the road in the next block. Room rates for Anthrocon are $119, which includes a *full* breakfast buffet each day (that's a full meal, not some piddling little continental breakfast thingy).

Now, some might ask, "Why not the Holiday Inn across the parking lot?" There are two reasons. (1) They already have a meeting going on there and have only a very small block of reserve rooms they were willing to offer to us, and (2) the best rate they would give us was $129 per night, which included no meals. We decided that economy would win out over a difference in walking distance of 224 yards (which I paced out myself).

Remember, he who hesitates has to walk. But at least he starts the day with a nice breakfast!

-- Uncle Kage


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