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Anthro Northwest expeditiously banned Furlandia board member in 2019 - warns of "cancel culture" in 2023

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Rift.jpgOn June 9th, 2023 the furry world was baffled by a newsletter from Washington state’s convention Anthro Northwest that has since been removed from the internet. On their social media page this letter was headered with the statement “Something had to be said”. The letter opened as if it is about to take an action that would cause controversy to protect their gathering, but then moved forward with meandering prose about the dangers of ostracizing others based on accusation, which they later refer to be related to a phenomenon that has been deemed as “cancel culture”. However, in its statement it also didn’t really announce any action that the organization would take to combat these issues it deemed important to state are occurring.

This meandering and winding prose about “seeing through the glass darkly” certainly caught a lot of attention. Because of the vagueness and the context of being an official statement it led many to speculate what could have prompted the post that read more like a defensive personal blog. Soon other furry conventions and organizations would capitalize on the public relations blunder by making parodies of their own.

But perhaps at the end of the day, the glass that ANW’s chair, Gabriel Felix, was seeing through dimly was that of the house he resided in. The shattered pieces reflected upon him for a past where he ignored his own currently presented ideals. Because while the chair asks the fandom to be slower to judge and to be more judicious with our actions to outcast others among us, on May 8th, 2019 his convention had banned the Furlandia soon-to-be-chair at the time, Richard “Saphy” Thomas, from being able to attend ANW.

Note for clarity: Saphy was the promoted to chair from vice-chair of Furlandia following their 2019 gathering just after he was banned from ANW, the current chair in 2023 (Rex) is not banned from ANW. To make the story more clear the headline working verbiage around the titles have been updated in the article.

When Anthro Northwest canceled the Furlandia board member

Just past midnight on that spring 2019 day, the board member, of the Portland convention Furlandia had received an instant message from the Anthro Northwest convention’s Telegram account informing him that he could no longer attend the convention unless he filed for appeal to the board.

Richard Saphy Ban.jpg

Given that just after this event Saphy would be promoted to be the chair, this marks what is perhaps the first time that a furry convention had barred the active head of another furry convention from their premises. These two gatherings were around the same size at the time with Portland’s Furlandia having 1,031 attendees in 2018 while Seattle’s Anthro Northwest, a newer convention, had 1,113 participants that same year.

The reason for the ban?

Saphy inquired for the reason he was not permitted to attend, a notice he received without even having registered to attend ANW at the time, nor had he attended the year before. Therefore, the prompt for him to appeal the board was an unsolicited request and not in response for any desire for him to attend the space he no longer was allowed to.

In response to the inquiry, Saphy was told it was due to two statements he made in separate chats. One was a tongue-in-cheek reaction to a false rumor that he had sabotaged the ball pit with a diaper from a 2017 log of an unofficial "Not Safe for Work" ANW convention group chat. The other was a statement that simply noted that he doesn’t go to conventions for wholesome family fun.

If these two statements are the only reason for this ban, it highlights that the leadership of the Anthro Northwest seemed to be a bit paranoid about furry relations with the hotels in the Washington state area. After Rainfurrest’s rowdy nature had soured the relations between the state’s hotels and the fandom, it probably took quite an effort to shake off that reputation in order to secure ANW’s place in the state.

However, instead of taking the time to speak with Saphy to discuss the context of those two statements, or if he had any intention of doing harm to the Seattle convention, Anthro Northwest decided to act without any due process to actually assess the fellow fur as a threat. And given Saphy is head staff at a nearby convention, it would be very risky for him to actually do anything that would harm the fandom at another convention without damaging his own.

In the context of the bad blood between these two convention leaders, it must be noted that their personas have very opposing backgrounds as well. Gabriel being more straight-laced and pious in their Christian faith, while Saphy being more of a free-spirit secular individual who enjoys hedonistic pleasures such as recreational drugs. It is possible that this may have had some weight in the decision as well.

Asking to not judge is easy, but life is a series of judgment

At the end of the day, both Gabriel and Richard have continued to run their prospective conventions in relative peace (besides that whole pandemic thing). This ostracization of a furry leader from their neighbor’s convention may not have done too much harm, and went under the radar for the last four years. So it was not a decision Gabriel faced any consequence or push back from the mainstream of the fandom.

It is easy to demand that individuals not be quick to judge those in power by those in that chair. However, one of the reasons we have to judge those in power more thoroughly is because those in power— they kind of have the power. And when you have power, you may take actions that you believe are for the protection of your organization, your loved ones, or yourself, but do so based on flimsy evidence. On an individual basis these quick decisions may not cause too much harm. But if you lead an organization, such acts of casting a person away can do more damage.

So perhaps instead of asking all furries to be slower to judge, and instead of asking the masses through a newsletter to be wary of casting out people, it may be more prudent to ensure that a system of checks and balances exists before a decision to banish an individual from your spaces is made. Ensure that there are procedures so that you don’t do unusual things such as texting someone at midnight unprompted about coming before the board to appease them of your unspoken transgressions.

In the end, if our furry organizations are going to demand that we forgive our trespassers, perhaps the organization can lead by example and forgive those they ousted for allegedly trespassing them. If banning Saphy was done due to fears that his type would harm the convention’s reputation in the sensitive state Washington was in in the 2010s, the scar of Rainfurrest’s reputation has surely been healed a bit by now due to the hard work of Anthro Northwest by this point. Why not take back the action taken against Saphy as a way to lead by example?

On the other hand, maybe Anthro Northwest considers its agency more important and that it should be allowed to disallow attendance in any means it deems fit. And such a decision is none of some reporter or their audience’s business. But in that case they need to reconsider their statement about criticizing the agency of individuals to make those same types of decisions.

This is why the statement compelled me to dust off this piece I started in 2019, rework it, and publish it. Before this open letter this ANW decision, in my judgement, was a convention simply making a choice and trying to advert risk. But now that the convention made the judgement to publish the letter criticizing the rest of us for doing the same in our day to day lives. So my prior assessment changed and it was a perfect opportunity for me to update the record that should have been four years ago. In the end, I think many can agree, it is the worst when people make demands about the ethics that others must follow, give themselves a pass to do those very things that they see as problematic in others.


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Perhaps a little context about Saphy's ban would help, rather than playing obtuse as if there isn't any. Digging into Saphy's role in the murky demise of Rainfurrest would have made a better piece that simply questions the weird, obtuse anti "cancel culture" blog that was so tone-deaf. Being obtuse doesn't help either thing make a good point.

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Because this is the first time I'm hearing of any accusation of this individual being involved directly with Rainfurrest's demise. And if he was, then why was he allowed to remain on staff for Furlandia?

Humans are not hiveminds, if you have evidence, present it.

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"on staff" means chair. You didn't know that? Some journalism would help...
The crates of empty whippits. The diapers left places. People were named. Is this a whole blog about him getting banned without contacting the source of the ban?

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Did this blog take Saphy's explanations about things being "tongue in cheek" at face value? lol. Trusting him is the first mistake. Did you check what this AnthroNSFW chat was?

Quote. ""Not Safe for Work" ANW convention chat"

Do you think a con with the SFW reputation actually had such a chat? Did you know Saphy was notorious for running trolling chats? And they were full of criminals? One of them was called Snakething. Two of them appear in that very screenshot.

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I have not heard of anyone in that screenshot having ties to Snakething, nor ties to that criminal ring group question.

When other people see furry as childish, this is a primary reason, we seem to fail to understand object pertinence and that no one understands everything (that includes myself and yourself), if you wish to share information you need to provide the evidence of the connection you are indicating.

Snakething themselves was not in either screenshot, if he was I would have instantly questioned things more deeply.

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Snakething was in Saphy's trolling chat before being detected. The crime ring leaked out because his trading partner Cupid was caught and became a liability to their secrecy. Nacho, in your screenshot, was the person who first reported Cupid in this news article. She was an abuse victim, but also a criminal and was arrested herself, that's how she was being blackmailed with abuse videos she was in (you can see blackmail charges in the article). It can be the case that abusers prey on each other but nobody is perfectly innocent.

Incidentally nacho was anthroNW staff, that was before things came out, but was certainly known to the chair. There is an iceberg of context missing from the blog here.

Your screenshot also shows infamous zoophile Akari

You posted a blog about this out of context without making effort to get context, and the failure is not somehow readers fault. This should have been held back from publishing at the editing stage.

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Look, whether or not preemptively banning Saphy was the right thing to do or not back then, it's beside the point, because it makes ANW look hypocritical for trying to be the "forgive and forget" convention now. That's the point. Was Saphy an asshole? Probably. Are the people running ANW assholes? Most likely. Are you an asshole? I don't know you, but I'm going to play the odds and take that bet. Am I an asshole? I can actually cite sources on that one, if you want!

My point is, who fucking cares? And the answer to that is you, which brings us back to not knowing you. You need to back up and realize that until we do know who you are and why you care, we can't take your word, and that includes your linked "sources", which are now tainted by having come from you. Sure, you could be someone who is genuinely interested in the cause of justice. You could also be a victim of something Saphy did or said. You could also be ANW staff member trying to get ahead of a PR disaster. You could be an old roommate of Saphy who just still has a grudge they didn't do the dishes enough. You could just be a bored asshole. You could be Donald fucking Trump. We don't know!

Okay, that last one does seem unlikely.

The point is, give it a rest. If you are here for genuine reasons, and have legitimate reasons for wanting to remain anonymous (which is admittedly on the Wheel of Possibilities), you should still probably stop now because you not only aren't helping, you can't. Not this way.

Less in reply to the anon, more in general comment about the press release situation in general, but this is why I get annoyed when you guys talk to me about "the community". This is the community. Like, someone felt the need to say, basically, "you know, maybe we could try and be nice for a while", the immediate response from the entire rest of the furry fandom is "FUCK THAT SHIT AND FUCK YOU, DIE ALREADY" and the ass of it is this is probably the correct response, Sonious instantly goes and digs up an example of when they hypocritically did not follow their own advice, and the general reaction from the peanut gallery to the article he writes about it is "ANW was NOT MEAN ENOUGH to that guy".

I mean, wow.

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Not reading that but that's cool for you, or sorry that happened

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This reminds me of that scene in Mike Judge's "Idiocracy" when he's trying to read words and gets called the Hard F by his "friend."

Also.... good ole Bill Hicks.

"Hey, whut'chu reedin' fer?"


"Censorship is a blunt instrument. It's not a scalpel -- it's a club."

"If you don't stand up for the stuff you don't like, when they come for the stuff you do like, you've already lost." ~~Neil Gaiman

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Thanks for sharing this information. I will post a warning though that the second link above has some adult photos in it, so view with caution.

1) I agree that if ANW believed that Sangy was involved in criminal rings that harmed animals that they have every right to ban him, but...

2) Sangy was not charged, or even found by the furry fandom or evidence provided, of being actually in the illegal groups that abused animals. Instead at this time he was only found in other (legal) chat rooms with those associated with the groups committing illegal activities. So at this time it falls under this section of ANW's letter dealing with guilt by association:

Our reality, especially with the influence of social media, unfortunately abounds with doctored images, false narratives, innuendo, guilt by association, and slander.

2a) Now, on an individual level, this is certainly grounds for people to be wary that the accused could be associating with these folks because maybe they may engage in those activities. And if so they can take personal action to prevent harm to animals and be vigilant for any other information that shows that they are engaging in said activities.

2b) However, on an organizational level this can be a bit more problematic. What if your brother killed someone? Sure the police may question you if you had any knowledge but you may not have any. In a sane government, you would not be charged with the murder your brother committed as if you committed it. To counter, an insane government would do otherwise. For example, North Korea does arrest all the family members if one of them shows decent.

But to anchor this back, a furry convention is not a government, and a private event for a weekend get away isn't too big a deal should they be more vigilant than a government. And I'm sure Saphy would rather not be at a party like that anyway. So in the end the entire purpose of this article was to just point out:

"Practice what you preach if you choose to preach, or preach what you actually practice if you choose to practice."

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That's a lot of work to fabricate a backstory for what you believe happened that you could have saved by doing a little journalism

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There was a comment about towels you should read

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"What if your brother killed someone?"

Bruh, imagine how crappy the lady who was married to John Wayne Gacy must have felt.


"Censorship is a blunt instrument. It's not a scalpel -- it's a club."

"If you don't stand up for the stuff you don't like, when they come for the stuff you do like, you've already lost." ~~Neil Gaiman

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If guilt by association is true, then that means the chair of Anthro Northwest Gabriel Felix and runner of Furlife Kijani Lion are guilty of being friends with Cupid / Bluetooth Huskey and Paco Pando and allowing them into their cons and events.

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Saphy being in a chat room with SnakeThing doesn't ~automatically~ mean Saphy approved of the guy's actions. Heck, most people the dude was friends with probably didn't even know what he was doing or what kind of person he was. Serial Killers have wives who never even find out their hubby was a serial killer until ~after~ they get arrested.


"Censorship is a blunt instrument. It's not a scalpel -- it's a club."

"If you don't stand up for the stuff you don't like, when they come for the stuff you do like, you've already lost." ~~Neil Gaiman

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AkariHusky is actually active in the Seattle scene and Furlife, which has a connection with Anthro Northwest. Furlife has also been called out by locals for protecting Cupid (one of the people in the article you linked), who was allowed around children. Both Cupid and AkariHusky were allowed at ANW and not banned. Cupid is listed as have hosted three panels at ANW during the time he was on bail right after his arrest. AkariHusky posts videos him him having sex at ANW online. If there were people for ANW to banned, perhaps it is these two zoophiles, however they choose to ban a rival convention chair.

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They are vice chair today, they were chair in 2019. Time is funny like that and positions change so it was easier to say on staff in the comment.

I knew if I were to say vice-chair instead of "chair" or "staff" to someone such as yourself you'd try and pull some gaslighty McGaslight bullshit like go "oh he's a vice chair and not a chair, which is it roo?"

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That whole ANW tweet was just so strange. Like, I agree with the message it was sending but it came out of nowhere, which was odd for such a long message, and then it was sent from an official convention account! If it had been a personal account, it would have been fine but that is a really, really odd thing to come from an organisation, especially with seemingly no prompt.

I have no idea what they wanted to get out of that tweet but I'm pretty sure this article wasn't it! Although this article does seem to suggest they have a history of making really strange choices. Banning someone for no apparent reason (taking after FA there) when they aren't planning to attend in the first place just seems so unusual.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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This article is weirder than ANW's letter.

First, because so what? Someone did something irrelevant for years ago and you're trying to make it seem relevant. Are you suggesting cons shouldn't be able to ban problem people?

Second, Saphy is a well-known problem. I personally saw him and his friends throwing towels into the hot tub at the famous Rainfurrest and causing other mayhem. (I think he caused the damage but obviously can't prove it.) Since then it's just been a string of bad behavior that merits him being kicked out of all cons.

So what was your point again?

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This. The death of Rainfurrest wasn't from hype about kink or customers being upset about furries. It was plumbing damage from towels that flooded the server room, and possibly police/ambulance calls with drugs. Things that cost money. Well there were problem people too but lesser stuff like diapers thrown around also came from the same people who cost money.

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For you the point was:

On the other hand, maybe Anthro Northwest considers its agency more important and that it should be allowed to disallow attendance in any means it deems fit. And such a decision is none of some reporter or their audience’s business. But in that case they need to reconsider their statement about criticizing the agency of individuals to make those same types of decisions.

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Can this be posted in english

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Is this what you were looking for?

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If that helps explain why cons shouldn't be able to ban problem people, maybe it is what we were looking for to give you.

The weird AnthroNW letter didn't address con security.

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A) Does a con have a right to ban to someone simply because they believe the individual to be a security threat?


B) Does the con have a right to complain about others ostracizing people in their lives due to their belief they are a security threat [a personal threat to them or their loved ones]?

Not recommended, but sure.

If a con does both A and B at the same time am I going to write an article about it? You bet your sweet bippy I am.

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Con security is not "cancel culture."

Weirdly complaining about "cancel culture" is it's own strange behavior, but taking action on security issues does not have anything to do with the separate concept of "cancel culture."

Your article fallaciously elides this difference, and fails to analyze and define either action.

Instead it substitutes very poor speculation and taking things at face value that are absolutely not trustworthy at face value (the idea that Saphy's protests mean there was no reason for a ban), and completely neglects to figure out what the cancel culture complaint was about.

It fails to make it's case and is an example of bad blogging that will leave readers less informed that before. Should have left this one in drafts.

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Then define "Cancel Culture", because clearly we are operating under different parameters of that phrase.

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That would have been your job. Con security is not "cancel culture"

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"Do not define furry by what it is not, but by what it is." -Samuel Conway

Same goes for other words.

Thank you for believing I'm an etymologist, that's flattering.

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You didn't do that either and the blog failed at basic communication.

“If you wish to converse with me,” said Voltaire, “define your terms.” How many a debate would have been deflated into a paragraph if the disputants had dared to define their terms! This is the alpha and omega of logic, the heart and soul of it, that every important term in serious discourse shall be subjected to the strictest scrutiny and definition. It is difficult, and ruthlessly tests the mind; but once done it is half of any task.

- Will Durant, The Story of Philosophy

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And you claim I'm not speaking English? this is quite gibberish and non-sequitur.

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Oh dear. A staple communication textbook from a Pulitzer winner is "gibberish" according to this blog. Readers, send condolences to the owner of that brain.

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So if you must force me to use your quote and bring it back to to topic at hand.

It's not me texting a person at midnight asking them to "appeal the board" and "come forth and define the terms why we should allow you to attend" unprompted.

You're commenting to me of your own fruition, this isn't a debate.

People who quote intelligent people to sound intelligent are not intelligent if it has nothing to do with the conversation at hand. If I wanted out of context intelligent quotes being used in dumb ways, I'd use ChatGPT.

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Oh dear. A staple communication textbook from a Pulitzer winner is "gibberish" according to this blog. Readers, send condolences to the owner of that brain.

Homie, ain't you part of the same Twitter Death Squad who wants to cancel PandaPaco over some lame b.s. ???? Why should I trust anything you or any other Twitter Puritan says?

Go back to your "Kiwi Farm," buddy.


"Censorship is a blunt instrument. It's not a scalpel -- it's a club."

"If you don't stand up for the stuff you don't like, when they come for the stuff you do like, you've already lost." ~~Neil Gaiman

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I would understand it if Saphy was actually a bad person who did bad things, but so far I've seen no evidence and I am not the type to just throw rocks at an accused witch without some proof.


"Three saw that I threw no stone. Perhaps there are others; let them speak."

It struck a kind of panic into them, and, although no one answered him, many began to violently accuse one another, saying, "You said he didn't throw," and getting for reply, "It is a lie, and I will make you eat it!" And so in a moment they were in a raging and noisy turmoil, and beating and banging one another; and in the midst was the only indifferent one-- the dead lady hanging from her rope, her troubles forgotten, her spirit at peace.

So we walked away, and I was not at ease, but was saying to myself, "He told them he was laughing at them, but it was a lie--he was laughing at me."

That made him laugh again, and he said, "Yes, I was laughing at you, because, in fear of what others might report about you, you stoned the woman when your heart revolted at the act--but I was laughing at the others, too."


"Because their case was yours."

"How is that?"

"Well, there were sixty-eight people there, and sixty-two of them had no more desire to throw a stone than you had."

~ Mark Twain -- The Mysterious Stranger


"Censorship is a blunt instrument. It's not a scalpel -- it's a club."

"If you don't stand up for the stuff you don't like, when they come for the stuff you do like, you've already lost." ~~Neil Gaiman

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I am literally a professional writer/editor and have been for over 20 years. I can say with some authority that your comment was nearly impossible to parse. An editor I wouldn't even try to fix it, I'd just send it back.

But back to the topic. So Flayrah is now just your weird tantrum platform? Cool, cool.

Your rating: None Average: 1 (4 votes)

Astronaut meme: always has been

Honestly, fellow anon, Sangious is the least bad of the bunch. The place has at least several worse tantrum bloggers who should be taken out back of the barn with a shotgun and a shovel.

Your rating: None Average: 3 (1 vote)

"Honestly, fellow anon, Sangious is the least bad of the bunch."

It's Sonius, not Sangie-ous, lol.

Were you spelling it like that on purpose?

Are you trying to make your own DBZ fusion between Sangie and Sonious?


"Censorship is a blunt instrument. It's not a scalpel -- it's a club."

"If you don't stand up for the stuff you don't like, when they come for the stuff you do like, you've already lost." ~~Neil Gaiman

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I am literally a professional writer/editor and have been for over 20 years.

Your rating: None Average: 4 (5 votes)

A professional writer should have enough confidence in their words to not have to hide in anonymity should their words fail them.

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The notion that Saphy would go into a furcon hottub is probably the funniest thing about this entire thread

Your rating: None

"Saphy is a well-known problem."

Says who? The angry Twitter Mob?

Unless Saphy is out there knowingly giving life threatening diseases to people without telling them "for da lulz" -- I couldn't give less of a sh-t about him or what he does. Y'all act like the dude is Hitler himself, lol. What did he do? He didn't screw roadkill or brainwash people into some kind of satanic cult, so why should I care?


"Censorship is a blunt instrument. It's not a scalpel -- it's a club."

"If you don't stand up for the stuff you don't like, when they come for the stuff you do like, you've already lost." ~~Neil Gaiman

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Okay they banned Saphy, but they didn't ban Cupid / Bluetooth Husky or Nightyburr who all were involved with zoophile circles or Paco Panda who drew NSFW art of underage characters. If there are merits for kicking anyone out of the con maybe its the ones who are a danger around children.

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This is really strange. Why did I get a furry article in my Google news feed? In many years this has never happened before so why is it happening now? If two furry extreme leftists want to attack each other its none of my business. Also what happens in Washington state between two furry conventions is also none of my business as I live well over a thousand miles from Washington state and have zero intention of ever going to a furry convention in Washington state as I don't even attend the furry convention in my own city. If both Washington state furry conventions wanted to issue me a life time ban for no reason what so ever I won't do anything about it. I would be whatever and go on with my life. So my original question is still, why was this in my Google news feed?

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Apparently Google News Feed support has been discontinued along with its Domain services and is now been sold to Flayrah, I suppose.

(Pppsssst... Portland is not in Washington)

Your rating: None

Which Portland?

Your rating: None

Probably Portland, Oregon.

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It sure is weird when there are places in different states with the same name. Huh.

Like there's a "Miami" in Ohio, and in Florida.


"Censorship is a blunt instrument. It's not a scalpel -- it's a club."

"If you don't stand up for the stuff you don't like, when they come for the stuff you do like, you've already lost." ~~Neil Gaiman

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I wonder if there is a "Seattle" in Maine.


"Censorship is a blunt instrument. It's not a scalpel -- it's a club."

"If you don't stand up for the stuff you don't like, when they come for the stuff you do like, you've already lost." ~~Neil Gaiman

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You'll have to ask Google that. Sometimes they have a reason available for why it appeared, other times not. Flayrah has been in Google News since July 2011, so it's not a surprise that we might show up from time to time, especially if they know you're a furry fan.

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Saphy is an "extreme leftist?" That's fascinating. Dude is like the least ess-jay-dubya type of guy I've ever met.


"Censorship is a blunt instrument. It's not a scalpel -- it's a club."

"If you don't stand up for the stuff you don't like, when they come for the stuff you do like, you've already lost." ~~Neil Gaiman

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Um, hi. I’m Rex, the chair for Furlandia 2019. I can unequivocally state that ANW has not informed me of a ban in effect against me.

Saphy was my vice-chair, not the chair. I would appreciate the headline and article being corrected accordingly.

You may reach me for verification by emailing me at rex at furlandia dot org.

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Saphy was the con chair in 2019 correct?

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No, Saphy was slated to be chair in '20 and '21, which were cancelled. He was chair in '22. Rex was chair for 2019.

Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes)

Thank you for the information, I looked through the conversation with Saphy and I and found the line where I probably misconstrued that he was chair in 2019 at the time of the banning.

Saphy - "In February Gabriel and I spoke. Congratulating me on my nomination for Furlandia chair. Looking forward to working with me. That was my last contact with him [before the ban notice]"

I'll follow up with Saphy to confirm if he was chair at the time of the ban. It looks to have been in early May, the convention was late May, so it is right in that spot where he was being promoted from vice chair to chair, from my understanding.

I'll follow up and provide the correct the record as necessary, thank you for your time, and apologies for any confusion.

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So what's Saphy being canceled for this time? lol.

The dude is ... interesting. Pretty comical. Very troll-esque sense of humor.

I don't think he's some genuinely evil person though. Just "edgy."

A lot of the Modern Furries, Current Gen Furries, aka "Tumblr & Twitter Furries" can't handle that kind of humor.


"Censorship is a blunt instrument. It's not a scalpel -- it's a club."

"If you don't stand up for the stuff you don't like, when they come for the stuff you do like, you've already lost." ~~Neil Gaiman

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Good article overall. I want to make sure an important point is made however; Saphy seems to have been continuously mixed up with Sangy, who owns or owned Inkedfurs and was tied up in the zoosadist drama, in the comments. These are not the same people.

I witnessed the ban on Saphy unfold from the Saphy side of it, and I remember personally being flabbergasted about the entire thing. At that time, and maybe it's still this way I don't know, ANW had a shadow board. They did not disclose who was on it or what you were getting in to if you submitted an appeal. The feel of the entire thing, intentionally so IMO, was to stonewall Saphy and pass responsibility to where it could get lost in a process. My first thought on seeing ANW's statement was towards Saphy's ban. In my experience Gabriel is an incredibly pleasant person, but at the end of the day he's as hypocritical as I'd expect him to be.

To address some of the sad anon comments, because Saphy's stalkers always take that route

Any of the Rainfurrest allegations are the same old rumors his detractors have been spouting for years. There's never evidence, and there never will be because it's not true. What Saphy is guilty of, is not being more careful or concerned with the jokes he makes and irreverence he shows towards things that happen. He never used the RF hot tub and there are people who know who did the towel thing, the anon claiming first hand knowledge is a liar, surprise. Saphy didn't do whippits in 2015, that wasn't a substance he'd done at that point and he's neurotic about people cleaning up after themselves (and disposing of them properly off site) if they are done around him. He didn't "throw diapers" anywhere, the people who did once again are known by some, and that problem was not at all as big as some think. The water damage issue was also caused not by the hot tub, but vandalism in the lobby restroom that leaked to a basement office level. What he did do is drink excessively and get in a yelling altercation with the chair that resulted in his badge being pulled, and me being called to keep an eye on him.

Source: Me. I travelled to RF with, roomed with, and spent most of the con with Saphy. I was also RF security staff, the first elected chair Furlandia had, and was or had recently been on the RAIn board.

To address any ANW allegations; the ball pit comment was a joke, as pointed out. The ball pit was owned by a friend of his and mine at the time. I literally hauled in, set up, and hauled out the ball pit with the owner in the first ANW, nothing happened. Besides the reasons Gabriel gave there is no public knowledge of why the ban took place. My speculation is that he was mad that Saphy ran an NSFW chat related to ANW. To the comment about that; no con has an official NSFW chat, that's a liability.

Newsflash; a large amount of the fandom don't go to cons for family friendly fun. They go to socialize with like-minded people, usually as adults, enjoy adult beverages and what have you, go to parties, and some even like to fuck! Any combination of those things. Seattle and ANW are no different. So I hope Gabriel can get over that.

Finally, the last thing, and really the dumbest of all. Regarding a "troll chat" and Snakething. The referenced chat isn't a troll chat; maybe a shitpost chat? Who doesn't have a friend group chat? I can verify that Snakething did make it in to the chat briefly, under the name Nelizar. He was kicked out before the zoosadist leaks were ever a thing. He's an Oregon local, he was in multiple local chats, does that make those guilty of something? I was personally involved in investigating and fact gathering against him when the leaks happened and was the first one to publicly link his multiple online identities, despite also being in the alleged troll chat too. That's how silly this "link" is.

That should cover all of it I think.

Triss Winters

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Who the heck would get Saphy and Sangie Nativus mixed up as being the same person???

I would understand it if their names were like, exactly the same.

Like there's probably some dude out there with the name "Charlie Manson" and he's always getting ribbed for it by his buddies.


"Censorship is a blunt instrument. It's not a scalpel -- it's a club."

"If you don't stand up for the stuff you don't like, when they come for the stuff you do like, you've already lost." ~~Neil Gaiman

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Okay, appreciate the passion, that's good to have, but, uh, I do have notes.

You really don't need to reply to every other comment. I don't think anyone will find it rude if you miss them out. Maybe (and, yes, I'm repeating myself, but) one good summary comment, plus one or two smaller comments if you feel you just have something insightful in that specific instance or just a really good zing or whatever. If you have one of those.

Furthermore, this ... "conversation" seemed to have reached it's natural endpoint about two weeks back. So, best case scenario, you're not actually talking to anyone. Which is kind of ... depressing. Worst case, a bunch of anons I didn't really like in the first place get a lot of comment notifications in their emails and decide to come back and be even more annoying, and nobody wants to see that. Me annoyed, I mean. I'm usually pissy enough as it is. Probably the anons annoyed other people, too. Probably. Apparently, they annoyed you!

But, while you're here, compliment sandwich, thank you for the very nice apology in the other weird comment streak you had! I didn't really ask for one, and I don't think anyone else did, but I appreciate and accept it! You keep right on posting! Just, you know, better.

Also, in reply to your question in this specific comment I'm replying to, I think it's just the "Sa-" sounds in the name. Heck, I think one of the anons even momentarily confused Sonious and Sangie, and those two only share a consonant!

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Oh my, always drama, when caught!
Always drama, when shunned.
Always drama when the dog isn't in the mood to be boned

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