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That bulge in my pocket? Oh, that's just my computer!

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A new Yahoo! mailing has been formed for furs who use various forms of Personal Digital Assistants, or PDAs. Pawpilot and Pawket PC's are all the rage of late, and hints and tips are being shared on how to take these to new furry heights. Discussions include customization, interfaces and interfacing, programming, and various other factors including exchange of information and over coming difficulties in exchanging data between various disparate systems. Recent hints include start up pictures that allow you to beep a fox's nose at startup... various emulators to play furry games on various platforms... and what's new coming in the future for paw'ed technology. In short, if it's technology that fits into the pawket... it's of interest to us, and your forum to exchange information on.... and we'll be just glad to see you too!



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