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Uncle Kage Sells Hair!

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Yes, the passage of Uncle Kage's Hair from Anthrocon 2002 has begun! You too can own a bit of history, and carry on the quest for coconuts at AC 2003. Anthrocon 2002, Uncle Kage agreed that if the charity auction raised enough money, he would have his head shaved into a mohawk, and his con staff member Jonah, would shave off his beard. The bottle being auctioned is protended to start a round robin of auctions, with all proceeds going toward the wager made by Kage for Anthrocon 2003. That wager is *IF* the convention raised enough money [~$20,000 (US)], that he would shave his head again into a mohawk... along with Jim Groat... wear a grass skirt, and coconuts... ending with a hula on stage. This item for auction allows the winner to start the process of claiming to hold the "official" Sake bottle holding Uncle Kage's Hair until they themselves start the next auction to raise yet more money for the charity auction. The final auction will be held at AC2003.


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How much for his larynx? Then we won't have to listen to his lame-ass stories anymore.

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"Have to"? I don't recall seeing anyone at FC 2002 being forced to attend his performance or being strongarmed into gathering about him when he would go off into his stories. Nor have I heard of this happening elsewhere. People choose to do so of their own accord because they enjoy what he does and how he does it.

If you aren't pleased by his style of performance, there is certainly enough to do elsewhere at any of the conventions he attends. You could even consider going offsite to see a movie or eat at a restraunt with friends. These would be choices you could make. Don't presume to make mine for me.

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Do you *really* not like Uncle Kage's stories (which are professional-class material, IMHO), or are you just trying to be flamebait?

Seems random, anonymous incindiary comments are the current attention-getting method of choice for lame-asses to feel important about themselves.

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Uncle Kage's stories are lame-ass? Damn! Now I feel stupid for finding them hilarious and entertaining.

Thank you for pointing that out to me, Mr. Anonymous. Please tell me, what else should I stop enjoying?

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Only reason you like his stories is cause they're marginally more interesting than your own miserable lives. I find you both detestable. When you've moved out of your mom's house, maybe you'll understand, but for now trust me.
Maybe someday you'll share in the cheap thrill of telling losers like you and Kage how... ah forget it. You're not worth the effort.

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Oh yeah, this was me BTW. I forgot I was at a different computer and hadn't logged in.

-Manawolf, who ain't worried about stating her mind under her own dang name.

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Riiiiiiiiiiight. Is it worse to enjoy Kage's stories, or worse to be so desperate for attention, any kind of attention, that you'll flame people who do nothing more offensive than just enjoy his stories?

Go rag on PETA or something. Your attempts at trying to rally the furry community in making you feel important and controversial (or whatever) are what's pathetic.

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I'm curious...

What do you find fascinating, Mr. Anonymous? What would you want as an alternative to Kage's Story Hour?

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you're welcome. hope you liked it.

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I like Kage's stories better.


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I agree. How about we bid for him to sew his mouth shut then.

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