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Rabbits make archaeological discovery

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A bunch of renovating bunnies in the UK have been cleaning house in their warren, and in the process have kicked out pieces of a 14th century manor house window. The original manor was demolished in the 15th century when the owners built a new house and found the old one blocked the view. Protecting the artifacts for the future could mean the rabbits might be out of house and home.


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"NO Hazel! Don't dig THERE! You'll bring destruction to the warren!"

"Don't be silly, Fiver..."

Shoulda listened to Fiver.

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"Move to the lee side of the manor! The lee side!"

Oh, wait... wrong species.

"We use them for divine retribution."

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I've heard that some fairly important archeological discoveries have been made as a result of bunnies, badgers and foxes digging up artifacts by accident.....


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