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NY Black Bear Mauls Baby Girl

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A Five-month-old girl resting in her carriage has died from her injuries, sustained from when a black bear came into the community and took her from her carriage and mauled her. The nearby mother tired to move her other two children to safety, but when she returned, both the girl and the bear were gone. The bear was later seen by others carrying the child, dropped the child, and then ran off. The chid was pronounced dead from her injuries at the nearby hospital. The bear was later found and shot dead by the police.

The child's death stunned visitors of the Catskills resort community about 70 miles northwest of New York City and baffled wildlife officials who say black bears rarely attack humans. The American Bear Association says only 40 deaths in all of North America were caused by black bears in the last century.

A link to the easy access of food in of garbage, and bear familiarity with/lack of fear of humans is claimed to be a factor in the death of the child.


Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes)

It's sad, but a fed bear is a dead bear.

The Catskills is going through a drought right now, and the bear was looking for food. My guess is the the baby had a soiled diaper, was left unattended, and the scent attracted the bear. The mauling, most likely, was accidental when the bear was spooked by people panicking.

I'm not sure shooting the bear (at two years of age, just out of cub stage) was the correct course of action, but it is the customary corrective action.

I think more in terms of "shame on the family" for panicking and leaving their infant unattended, as well as the rest of the humans in the area over-reacting to what should have otherwise been a timid creature.

However, I wasn't there, and I can not judge. I mourn the loss of both lives.

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