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January 2004

Exhibition on anthropomorphism in early Greek art

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Until January 18, there is an exhibition on anthropomorphism in early Greek art at the Princeton University Art Museum. It will then be at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, from Feb. 22 - May 16.

Furry Organization Needs Your Input

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The Anthropomorphic Diversity Support Association (ADSA) is retooling for 2004 after three years of inactivity. The information we get from this poll will help us to better serve the needs of the fandom.

Using the scale:

1 = very important or very useful
2 = important or useful
3 = somewhat important or somewhat useful
4 = not important or not useful

Please click here to fill out our short, nine-question furry opinion poll.

New novels in two Furry series.

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Two publishers of young adult Furry series novels have started 2004 with a new volume. Scholastic Inc. has just released Guardians of Ga'Hoole: Book Three, The Rescue, by Kathryn Lasky; a $4.99 paperback. Soren the young Barn Owl and the other young owl cadets at the Great Ga'Hoole Tree fight a mysterious enemy which threatens all Owldom. Book Four, The Siege is scheduled for April 2004.

HarperCollins has published Hunters: Book 4, Rising Storm, by Erin Hunter; a $15.99 hardcover. Four tribes of feral cats live in a forest near a human town. "Fireheart's traitorous enemy Tigerclaw has been vanquished and exiled from ThunderClan -- but Fireheart can't shake the feeling that he's lurking out there in the forest, waiting for the chance to strike." HarperCollins has simultaneously rereleased Book 1: Into the Wild in paperback at $5.99. Book 5: A Dangerous Path, is scheduled for June 2004.

New Trigger Happy TV Series In America!

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Some of you may remember the original Trigger Happy TV series by Dom Joly, where pranks were played on the unsuspecting London(UK) public. This superb series featured many cameos with fursuiters, including a bunch of squirrels raiding a nut store! A new series has been made that features similar atrocities, this time inflicted on the American public!

FurBid temporary domain name

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Hi folks

Well, the .ws folks screwed up our zone again. shows the correct name server, shows the default "No such site" redirector, and some ISPs are showing nothing.

Users can currently access FurBid via, or
We've temporily disabled auction closure until the DNS is fixed, and will be extending auctions with bids.

We'll keep you updated on the status of the domain name. They said it should be okay in 48 hrs.

FurBid administaur

Furry Organization Poll Results

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Results are in on the recent poll taken by the Anthropomorphic Diversity Support Association (ADSA).

Two quick apologies are in order, however. First off, placing the poll on LiveJournal was a mistake. We were unaware of the registration requirement when we created and put up the poll. Although registration did not require a paid account, this turned many users off. To remedy this, furries who emailed me privately received a copy of the poll. These were compiled with the rest of the results. We also apologize for the short duration of the poll. The Flayrah article was submitted several days ago, but didn't appear until Saturday. Not realizing this, we concluded the polling on Sunday.

That having been said, "read more" for the results...

China To Kill 10,000 Civet Cats

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China has ordered the killing of all captive Civet Cats in the Guangdong Province after a man there was reported to have a strain of SARS similar to that found in the mammal. More information available here.

Mountain lion killed after attacking bikers

Your rating: None Average: 4.7 (3 votes) reports that California authorities have shot and killed a mountain lion that had attacked to mountain bikers in the Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park in Orange County.

SF Site reviews furry anthology

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The SF Site has posted a favorable review of Sofawolf Press's anthology Best in Show.

Fur-dom and the Media

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Fur-dom and the Media

by "Simo"

Why does furry exist as a fandom? Why all the cons in public places where furs strut their stuff while wearing tails, ears, or full animal costumes? Why all the web sites? Was this not in order to be noticed? Congrats: you got noticed. There are several articles here at Flayrah about this, and these have generated blizzards of comments. Now you complain, complain, complain that the media aren't treating you right. Cry me a river! Furs b**** about a "Vanity Fair" article (Pleasures of the Fur) a TV show (CSI: Fur and Loathing) an MTV "documentary". All "unfair" and "sensationalized", well, guess what: that's what the press does. After all, it's not news if 10,000 airliners land and take off without incident; the one that crashes is news. That the vast majority of furs live the balance of their lives just like everyone else is not news. The one fur who wanks kids' toys, or yiffs in full costume: he is news.

Anthro Fandom Convention Attendance 2003

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Okeedoke, I finally got a few minutes to update the AFCIS (Anthro Fandom Convention Information Sheet).

"Blue Horizon" Trade Paperbacks Now Available

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"Life should be mundane shipping freight across the galaxy, but that doesn't always seem the case for the captain and crew of the Blue Horizon."

The stories of anthropomorphic project, Blue Horizon, are now available in hardcopy through Lulu Press.

The thirty-one stories of the seven-year online project have been split up into three trade paperbacks, as well as a large-format paperback which includes the entire series.

You may find them at