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February 2008

Further Confusion 2008 breaks fursuit parade record

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Madius created the Year of the Rat banner and marched with other rat fursuiters in the fursuit parade as the character Squeaky

Update: In April, AAE reported a new attendance figure: 2423. The prior figure omitted dealer and marketplace registrations.

Further Confusion 2008, held January 24-28, broke both its own record for attendance and worldwide records for the number of fursuiters in the fursuit parade.

While Further Confusion 2007 had 2062 attendees,[1] this year's event had 2311, a 12 percent increase.[1] The number of fursuiters in the parade also increased, breaking the record of 353 set at Anthrocon 2007.[2] In contrast, art show sales fell slightly, from US$53,881[3] to $52,068.[4]

The exact number of fursuiters in the parade is disputed. Video evidence suggests at least 354 started the parade,[5] while photographs taken outside the gift shop suggest 371 at that point.[6] Conversely, an observer outside the dealers room reported only 352.[7] The official count, taken by an observer at the Coffee Garden, was 387.[1][4][8][9]

2007 Ursa Major Awards nominations are now open

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The 2007 Ursa Major Awards for the best anthropomorphic literature & art of the calendar year 2007, are receiving nominations from now through the end of February 2008.

Camp Feral! 2008 Registration is Open!

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Yay :) Head to /register to sign up for Camp Feral! 2008 :)

Camp Feral! is a furry summer camp run in the Canadian wilderness of Algonquin Provincial Park at rustic Camp Arowhon! 2008 will be it's 11th year offering workshops, activities and avents for an all inclusive registration. The ultimate furry summer escape, it offers water activities on Tee Pee Lake, traditional summer camp activities such as archery and wall climbling, as well as furry-centric workshops and events!

Essentially...furries take over a summer camp for a week...and the counsellors love every minute of it!

Furry Weekend Atlanta surpasses 1000 registrations

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As Furry Weekend Atlanta 2008 wrapped up its fifth year, convention staff counted 1,046 registered participants as of its closing ceremonies, once again a 37% increase over the previous year's count.[1]

By surpassing the one-thousand-member mark, Furry Weekend Atlanta solidified its ranking as the fourth largest furry convention, a position it attained the previous year.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Furries

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Furries are the subject of a recent ATHF episode. Click here to see it in all its glory, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Note: the site seems to block out non-US viewers.


Return of the Wolves

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Wolves off Endangered List
Management of species turned over to Wyoming, Idaho and Montana