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Furry Weekend Atlanta surpasses 1000 registrations

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As Furry Weekend Atlanta 2008 wrapped up its fifth year, convention staff counted 1,046 registered participants as of its closing ceremonies, once again a 37% increase over the previous year's count.[1]

By surpassing the one-thousand-member mark, Furry Weekend Atlanta solidified its ranking as the fourth largest furry convention, a position it attained the previous year.

Fursuiter levels broke the local record, with 165 participating in the annual fursuit parade, up from 101 in 2006.

$5001 was raised for this year's charity, Conservator's Center Inc., "just under $3000" of which came from the year's charity auction. A large inflatable obstacle course played a part in the fundraising, with $175 obtained from non-fursuiters wishing to run the course. Another $150 was raised from CD sales.


  1. THANK YOU! - Kiran Lightpaw (19 February 2008)

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