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Video: Rock-afire band plays Mayer Hawthorne's 'Dreaming'

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When Mayer Hawthorne needed a backup band, he looked no further than his pizza joint.

Animatronic band The Rock-afire Explosion used to entertain diners at Showbiz Pizza Place, as described in a previously reviewed documentary. Now, they are employed in music videos.

Video: Tokyo researchers build facial reactions into cat head

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Researchers at Tokyo Metropolitan University have combined non-contact motion detection with animatronics to build a fursuit head which reacts to a performer's facial movements.

The technology, exhibited at the 19th International Collegiate Virtual Reality Contest, allows the wearer to control the eyes and mouth; ear and eyebrow control is planned. [scottbob3]

Documentary review: 'The Rock-afire Explosion'

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While we're waiting to see how furry fandom is treated by Fanboy Confessional, now might be a good time to discuss a documentary that presents another fandom with respect.

In 2007, a video of an animatronic animal band performing Bubba Sparxxx's Ms. New Booty went viral. Director Brett Whitcomb and writer Bradford Thomason followed the video back to its source, and in 2008 produced a 72-minute documentary about the band and its fans: The Rock-afire Explosion (trailer).