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Austrian TV show 'heute leben' covers local fursuiters

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The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation's afternoon television show "heute leben" (live today) featured a five-minute segment on furries (translation) this Friday. [tip: Chaoskobra]

The term furries refers to the lifestyle of a youth culture that likes to dress as life-sized animals. They are called "fursuiter" meaning "fur wearer". Most of them sew their own elaborate costumes, and from time to time emerge to confuse the general public.

The footage focussed on fursuiters, but was very positive about the hobby:

They don't see themselves as crazy, just adults who like to have fun & try new things. It doesn't harm anyone and they believe that it makes the world a more colorful place.

Summit calls furs to Austria

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A new European event, Summit, will take place 26 June-3 July at a holiday house in Angerberg, Austria.

The location used to be a hotel until mid-2009, and 60 beds in 30 rooms are available.

The €160 fee includes room, breakfast and dinner. Catering is advertised as being in "100% furry-mode" — hopefully attendees will not have to pick out hairs from the soup.

Event lead Keepiru has organized furry skiing holiday Zillercon since 2001.

Austrian dog toilets give new spot to lift the leg

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Vienna, concerned with canine excrement on the streets, has spent $30,000 on new stainless steel doggy commodes to help reduce the cost of clearing away dog poop. City officials say the resendent animals leave up to 40 tonnes of droppings that need to be cleaned each day, making this a very big savings indeed. Just as well, considering piddling dogs are causing lamposts to collapse in Croatia.If only dogs knew how to flush...

A very old image of the Mouse found in Austria

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Malta Mouse? A 700 year old fresco being uncovered at a small church revealed a cartoon animal among the devotees to St. Christopher that is so much like Mickey Mouse, some art historians think it could be used to challange the copyright. Most notable in the big, round set of circle ears on the head, the Mickey-like mouse could apparently be another animal, such as a weasel or beaver.
Disney should just be glad the bird beside the mouse doesn't look like Donald.