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Review: 'Blacksad T.5, Amarillo', by Juan Díaz Canales & Juanjo Guarnido

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Blacksad Tome 5 Amarillo As is now usual, I want to thank Lex Nakashima for ordering this from and loaning it to me for this review.

Spanish writer Juan Díaz Canales and artist Juanjo Guarnido met while working at an animation studio in Madrid in the early 1990s. After both moved to Paris, they met again and agreed to collaborate for the French comics market on this anthropomorphic crime noir/hardboiled detective series set in America in the 1950s, featuring feline private investigator John Blacksad.

The first album, Somewhere Among the Shadows was published by Dargaud in November 2000. The multiple prize-winning comics series has been published in 23 languages. So far there have been five 56-page cartoon-art novels, set in Hollywood, Chicago, amidst the Red paranoia/nuclear bomb-shelter craze, New Orleans and now the Midwest.

Paris, Dargaud, November 2013, hardcover €13.99 (56 pages), Kindle €9.99.

Upcoming furry comics for August 2014 (Previews and Marvel Previews)

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'Blacksad' co-creator comes to San Jose

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This is very short notice, but the Big Wow ComicFest at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, CA this weekend, May 19-20, will have Juanjo Guardino, the artist of the Blacksad comic albums, as one of its featured guests, for his first appearance in the U.S.

A dozen prints and portfolios of his art, as-yet-unseen in the U.S., many including his Blacksad and other anthropomorphic characters, will be on sale.

Anime/manga fans will be interested in another of the Big Wow’s featured guests: Toshio Maeda, creator of the XXXXX-rated Urotsukid?ji and other X-rated titles like La Blue Girl. Not anthro, unless you count the sex-crazed human/demon hybrids in Urotsukidoji, but still of some interest...

'Blacksad' vol. 4 is out

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Wow! I just realized that Blacksad vol. 4, ‘L'enfer, le silence’ (‘Hell, Silence’ or ‘Hell is Silence’), set in New Orleans in the 1950s, was published almost a year ago in France (17 September), and nobody on Flayrah has reported it yet!?

It's not in English yet, but still... You can order it on

Blacksad vol. 3 published in France

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For those who are such fans of the French Blacksad series by Canales and Guarnido that they cannot wait for vol. 3 to be translated into English, vol. 3. Red Soul (Ame Rouge) was published in France on November 18. It is most easily ordered from America by, but the BDPARADISE site has the most pictures including the first 9 pages

Blacksad vol. 2 published

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After three years, the second "Blacksad" album by Juan Diaz Canales (writer) & Juanjo Guarnido (artist) has been published by Dargaud (March 22). "Arctic-Nation" is a Furry kidnapping/murder mystery involving a white supremacist (polar bears, arctic foxes, etc.) hate movement. All in French, but check out the art samples on the website. Let's hope it is not another three years before volume 3 (announced as "Red Soul") is finished.