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Juanjo Guardino

'Blacksad' co-creator comes to San Jose

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This is very short notice, but the Big Wow ComicFest at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, CA this weekend, May 19-20, will have Juanjo Guardino, the artist of the Blacksad comic albums, as one of its featured guests, for his first appearance in the U.S.

A dozen prints and portfolios of his art, as-yet-unseen in the U.S., many including his Blacksad and other anthropomorphic characters, will be on sale.

Anime/manga fans will be interested in another of the Big Wow’s featured guests: Toshio Maeda, creator of the XXXXX-rated Urotsukid?ji and other X-rated titles like La Blue Girl. Not anthro, unless you count the sex-crazed human/demon hybrids in Urotsukidoji, but still of some interest...