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Six-Legged Cow Born in Cambodia

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A six-legged cow born in Cambodia was donated to monks in Cambodia by her owner, who feared that her extra appendages were an ill omen. She has been named Cham Leck, which roughly translates to Bad Luck, and seems happy and healthy for the most part. You can see a picture at Sky News.

Personally, I'd rather see a six-legged cow than be one.

Cambodia's rare species are being killed off at an alarming rate

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Over 250 elephants, tigers, rare bears, and leopards have been estimated to have been killed in Cambodia and it's provinces in the last 18 months. Estimates aren't available for 21 of the 24 provinces of this war torn country, but the rare animals being removed from populations currently estimated at 500 elephants, 200 tigers and even less leopards is astounding. Many of these illegal hunting operations involve the police and military. Outsiders fear these rare tigers and elephant sub species will become extinct in the near future.