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Korean cinema: Toilet-paper Merlin turns pianist into cow, who's saved from incinerator by com-sat in robot girl form

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Korean animation looks enough like Japanese animation that it is usually lumped together as anime. But I don’t think that even the Japanese have made an animated feature like The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow, directed by Jang Hyung-yun and released in February in Seoul.

Jerry Beck’s Animation Scoop announces this South Korean release about a pianist (male), transformed into a cow (female) by Merlin the Magician in the form of an anthropomorphic roll of toilet paper, and pursued by a villainous incinerator that wants to incinerate him/her; while a communication satellite falls from space, becomes an Astro Boy-like robot girl, and saves the cow from the incinerator and its secret agents. It falls into the you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it category -- and Jerry has the trailer, so you can see 1'22" of it.

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Moo-Steries ['Murderous Critters']

Author Dawn Kravagna has released Murderous Critters, her first collection of Cattle Capers ™ mystery stories on-line at Smashwords. “Murderious Critters is a trio of outrageously funny mystery short stories, the first collection in a series featuring the zany comic animal characters from the world of Cattle Capers ™. A killer magician, rogue dinosaur skeletons, and roaming gunslingers are no match for bovine Master Detective Adam Steer and his goofy sidekick Crazy Cal.” The stories here include “The Magician’s Trick”, “The Dino Sore Mystery”, and “The Moontana Murders”, as well as the extra short story “Whopper Fish”.

image c. 2013 Dawn Kravagna

Is that cow really a tank? Kill it!

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A new British "invisibility cloak" infra-red system, Adaptiv, makes it possible to disguise military vehicles as large animals such as cows, even while moving. This has the potential during warfare to get a lot of animals killed, just to play safe.

Six-Legged Cow Born in Cambodia

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A six-legged cow born in Cambodia was donated to monks in Cambodia by her owner, who feared that her extra appendages were an ill omen. She has been named Cham Leck, which roughly translates to Bad Luck, and seems happy and healthy for the most part. You can see a picture at Sky News.

Personally, I'd rather see a six-legged cow than be one.

Udderly Ridiculous - Cowshow Udder Augmentation

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Livestock judges -- who, I'm guessing, are predominantly male ?
prefer cows with big, round, firm udders. The judges are not
interested in cows with droopy udders, even if these cows are
smarter and have nicer personalities. On Saturday nights, when
the big-udder cows are basking in the glamour of the livestock
show, the droopy-udder cows are back in the barn, alone, quietly
chewing on Danielle Steel novels.


Sacrifice This!

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In celebration of the festival of Eid al-Adha, Muslims sacrifice cows, sheep, goats, and bulls, whose meat is given to the poor. In Istanbul today, the bulls weren't going to take it anymore and broke out, running loose through the city.
More than 600 people were injured
either attempting to sacrifice, or trying to capture the escaped animals.

Happy Cows?

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PETA has threatened to file suit in contest of the "Happy Cow" commercial claims. Sponsored by the California Milk Advisory board, the commercials pitch the slogan: "Great cheese comes from happy cows. Happy cows come from California".

PETA argues that the life of the cows is far removed from the lush rolling pastureland depicted in the campaign's television advertisments.

The Holy Cow Health Plan

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In Cambodia, folks are flocking to visit a brown cow thought to have miraculous healing powers. Flowers, incense and water are given to her as offerings and she then obliges by licking those who want her help. Her slobbery treatment is claimed to have restored mobility and cured a variety of sicknesses. Yahoo News have a few more details.

Bull and bears in advertisements...

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USA Today has an article, Bull, bear show up together in ads for trading about the use of furries in advertisements. and their effectiveness I got a grin from the following quote:

Such icons "are an easier, more palatable way for people to accept they've lost half their money."

Bovine-human crossbreeds

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In Interview with a Humanoid (NYTimes, free registration required), Nicholas Kristof writes about a human-animal crossbreed that was new to me (Cow-human), and about our post-human future.

Revenge of the Fuzzies

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MARION COUNTY, Fla. -- Residents in a Marion County, Fla., neighborhood said an aggressive pack of wild boars is terrorizing their neighborhood, according to Local 6 News.

"I saw a pig looking in the window," resident Edwin Aundrea said. "It spotted me when I tried to chase him away and it chased me in the house."

But it gets worse!

Massai donate cattle in response to Sept 11th

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Massai tribesmen in Kenya have only recently heard about the Sept 11th attacks on the US. To express sympathy they have given 14 cows, which they consider the most valued possession, to the people of the US. A US embassy near Tanzania received this ceremonial gift, and is not sure what to do with them.

Additional details are provided online by the BBC

Cows want to be free!

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On Saturday, a cow broke free of its slaughterhouse pen, somehow climbed an eight foot fence, and has eluded Cincinnati police since that time. They've used night scopes, helicopter surveillance, and thermal imaging, but to no avail. The cow has even foiled traps set around the city, taking the bait and running.

Cow Issued ID Cards

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Cows in India are being given ID cards in an effort to stop cattle smugglers from Bangladesh.

Cow finds Washington man's wallet -- in Japan

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Okay, a bit of a stretch for news, but this story on the Boston Globe's site tells the strange tale of a wallet, a cow, a bunch of hay, and how they're all linked together somewhere in Japan...