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Korean cinema: Toilet-paper Merlin turns pianist into cow, who's saved from incinerator by com-sat in robot girl form

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Korean animation looks enough like Japanese animation that it is usually lumped together as anime. But I don’t think that even the Japanese have made an animated feature like The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow, directed by Jang Hyung-yun and released in February in Seoul.

Jerry Beck’s Animation Scoop announces this South Korean release about a pianist (male), transformed into a cow (female) by Merlin the Magician in the form of an anthropomorphic roll of toilet paper, and pursued by a villainous incinerator that wants to incinerate him/her; while a communication satellite falls from space, becomes an Astro Boy-like robot girl, and saves the cow from the incinerator and its secret agents. It falls into the you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it category -- and Jerry has the trailer, so you can see 1'22" of it.

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Are you sure he's not just a bull or meant to be a boy "cow"? You don't see an udder on him and other people appear to be changed into animals, I just doubt they would throw in a gender change when he's clearly also interested the girl robot. Probably either a mistranslation or similar misunderstanding like the movie Barnyard.

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The linked review mentions "a surprising milking scene".

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Technically, all "cows" are female; there actually isn't a word for an individual bovine animal in the English language.

"Cow" is a female that has given birth; a heifer is a female that hasn't, but is old enough to have. Bulls are uncastrated males, and steers are castrated; calf is gender neutral but only refers to young cattle, which is the plural form, and is how a group of these animals should be referred to to unless you are aware that all of them are one sex/age/testicular situation.

Of course, that's only technically; unless gender is important to the discussion, nobody really cares if you call a steer a cow; especially not the steer.

Also: dat headline.

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" The linked review mentions "a surprising milking scene". "

I'm sold!

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"My cute little monsters with broken hearts!"

There's the furry fandom right there! ;)

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Who knows what a magical toilet-paper roll can do to you?

Fred Patten

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Oh Japan Korea, never change.

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Japan's 2Chan was pissed off after finding out about this.

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