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And They Will Make Umbrella Stands of My Feet

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I hate to keep posting news about PETA, but this is just too good. -Cordite
Ingrid Newkirk, president of PETA, announced recently that she is going to donate her body to her organization so that it may be used in a series of protests.

She has willed that her flesh be barbecued, her skin turned into leather products, her feet into umbrella stands, and her liver vacuum packaged.

"We hope it will start a trend" said Newkirk.

Hamburg Refuses PETA Name Change Offer

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PETA, in its quest for strange ways to expend its resources, has asked that the town of Hamburg, NY. change it's name in exchange for $15,000 worth of veggieburgers.
The proposed name change? Veggieburg, of course.
Hamburg has held its name since 1812 and has no intentions of changing it. It claims to be the birthplace of the hamburger and is home to the annual Burgerfest.

PETA cages "tiger" in protest

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PETA activist Holly Fraser protested the treatment of circus animals by painting herself up as a tiger and sitting outside in a cage. It seems being half-naked seemed to help increase public awareness.

PETA's controversial coats...

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A Toronto based community centre and PETA teamed up to donate 30 fur coats to homeless women - and failed miserably.
Those who were to receive the coats did not show up for fear of media attention, and PETA has received criticism from anti-poverty groups for their tactics while winning the approval of the fur industry.

Happy Cows?

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PETA has threatened to file suit in contest of the "Happy Cow" commercial claims. Sponsored by the California Milk Advisory board, the commercials pitch the slogan: "Great cheese comes from happy cows. Happy cows come from California".

PETA argues that the life of the cows is far removed from the lush rolling pastureland depicted in the campaign's television advertisments.

Furry Puppets Make a comeback

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Click here for FoxNews article

"PETA? I love cats on pita. With mayo."

So while everyone's glad to see a human thespian make a comeback, when a puppet icon returns to the big time, you really have to give it a hand.

Ms. Piggy mascot

The Animal Defense Militia

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The Animal Defense Militia is an underground movement of covert operatives committed to preserving the autonomy and merriment of non-human vertebrates through any means necessary.

Okay, okay... it's really a very funny parody of PETA. Be sure to check the list of directors

Gruesome Movie Sparks Outrage

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Wired reports that a gruesome video on a website that shows a kitten being killed and prepared for a meal is causing outrage on the Internet. The StileProject could face prosecution under a law introduced in December 1999 by President Clinton that makes it a federal felony to possess "a depiction of animal cruelty" for commercial gain, Peter Wood (of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) said.

Lunatic fringe strikes again...

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It's odd how the timing for this couldn't be more perfect: On one hand, we have the newsbit that Micah posted regarding the conditions found in a large-production slaughterhouse. It roused a little debate -- although not as much as some people may have expected -- regarding the potential validity of this article, as well as a few remarks on the conditions humans subject themselves to, with a dash of "is organic farming reasonable?" thrown in for seasoning. On the other hand (paw?) we have the article about Furry fans appearing on the hit TV show "E.R." and the possible negative repurcussions it can have on the fandom. I watched some of the tidbits that were taped and converted to streaming media, and I personally don't see what the people on are up in arms about -- the Furry fandom has had worse blows (Vanity Fair, anyone? Or have we already forgotten the "Rapid T. Rabbit" interview on The Daily Show?) in its past. Surprisingly enough to me all the flames and knee-jerk reactions have stayed on a.f.f. and off of the Flayrah threads.

Read on for Feren's take on the lunatic fringe.

'They Die Piece by Piece'

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If you love animals, you should spend some time considering how they're slaughtered. Not pretty, but if you eat them, you should know exactly what's going on behind the scenes.