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And They Will Make Umbrella Stands of My Feet

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I hate to keep posting news about PETA, but this is just too good. -Cordite
Ingrid Newkirk, president of PETA, announced recently that she is going to donate her body to her organization so that it may be used in a series of protests.

She has willed that her flesh be barbecued, her skin turned into leather products, her feet into umbrella stands, and her liver vacuum packaged.

"We hope it will start a trend" said Newkirk.


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["We hope it will start a trend" said Newkirk. ]

So do I! It's my opinion that these people can't eliminate themselves from our genepool fast enough.

"We use them for divine retribution."

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Wow, cool idea!

Now all she has to do to really drive the point home is to have someone kill her, instead of waiting till she dies of natural causes!

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I will sum my opinion up thusly:

These people are assholes, pardon my French.


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1st, all 3 of you sound like the assholes here, seriously

im not gonna make any comment on what i think about PETA, all im gona say is with the amounth of real animal news clogging this site, about finding abused mistreated animals etc
and all the posts about how horrible it all is
i guess i just dont get it

ingrids a fuckin weirdo
...but so are you - furries -

in fact i think thats why furries lash out against groups liek peta, in a pathetic and desperate attempt to make themselves more "mainsteam" or not seem so weird

sounds liek alot of you are just losers trying to prove something but no way to do it other than to atack groups that everyone already hates

unfortunatly, trying to make yourselves more macho by takinthe same line as the PETA-hatin man's man, aint gona make you cool

in summary

shut the ***** up,
no one cares about you or your opinions

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Sticks and stones...

- PunkTiger!

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it's intolerant B___ like you that cause world wars, Hitler, The Klan, and the death of over three-thousand people.

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Anonymous trolling... how sad.

Tell me, if you dislike furries so much , why are you reading a furry/scifi news site? It's not like you 'just stumbled' across this site, you came here knowing full well what it was.
You want to furry bash? Meh, whatever. It doesn't mean much coming from a person who won't reveal who they are, can't spell to save their soul, and doesn't understand proper capitalization, punctuation, or grammar.
You are just another Internet Loser, trying to make themselves feel better by throwing mud at others. Grow up, and learn to type while you're at it.

-Jenne Woulph-

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And exactly WHEN! did



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Amen to that...

Tlaren }:=8}

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because :

im a funny animal fan,

get it right or pay the price

furries killed the funny-animal

and i was "throwing mud" because i see 2 people bashing a group because of somethign ingrid says , not to even get into the fact they completely missed the point of what she was saying , but regardless,

the 3rd person basically a death threat, or wishes death more accurately

totally unacceptable

i dont support everything PETA does, however when i hear peopel bash on em i like to put them in thier place, because 9/10 they deserve it

i told all 3 of them in no uncertain terms, THEY are the assholes

in closing
i wont grow up or learn to type

if i post a message , its to transmit information make a point , whatever,

im not writing a ***** novel or a term paper

so guess what, there will be NO correct: capitalization or puncuation, nor will grammar mistakes be corrected

if your too dense to make an inference,
well , what can i say

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"furries killed the funny-animal"

Is that like "Video Killed the Radio Star"?

"the 3rd person basically a death threat, or wishes death more accurately"

Hang on, the 3rd post just said "These people are assholes, pardon my French." How's that a death threat? Perhaps you were referring to mine, which was the 2nd post? Sheesh, can't write, can't count.

And, what, you thought my post was a death threat? Sheesh, can't even detect sarcasm. I was just saying that if her point is to be treated like a livestock animal, but she grows old and dies of natural causes, then she's getting better treatment than the animals, what with the slaughtering and the abattoir and whatnot.

"in closing
i wont grow up or learn to type

And yet you expect to be taken seriously? Sorry, all I can do at this point is laugh derisively at you.
[falls out of chair laughing]

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"furries killed the funny-animal" ... ... ...

I'm sorry, last I checked, they were the same thing!

*falls out of his own chair, laughing his ass off*

Tlaren }:=8}

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i dont know why im even bothering to clarify this, but since your confused, ill help you

by 3rd person i was refering the final person (of 3) because, if you read carefully you would see i had already referenced feren adn they guy who just said peta was assholes
the "3rd person" was the *****-wad who suggested someone should kill ingrid

as for you tlaren,
***** yes theres a difference between funny-animals and furriesit really doesnt matter when you check last, its more important where or with whom you checked

matter of fact, i think pretty soon people should get together and forma new fandom with a mandatory dress code of jack-boots and steel helmets

because its obviously gona take strict fuckin enforcement to keep peopel from peddling fucked up merchandise at a con , and keep teh outlandish offensive behaviour to a minimum (read -zero)
and then finally there would be a real funny animal comic expo with some taste,
where the general public can attend without being horrified,
possibly even expanding the new fandom where it could be accepted easily ona large scale,
artists could get paid for thier work without havin to draw fucked up porn forfucked-up people ,
it would be easier to get stories published because publishers wouldnt cringe at the thought of having thier name associated with [furry]

all of your selfishness has done nothing other than drive the people worth a damn - out , and promote the expansion of the filth and the fringes

and "fury" has got the nastiest fringe element i have ever seen anywhere

and once again since you didnt get the goddamn point the first time, keep bringing up spelling and grammer asshole, becuase the thing is ...
i really,really, honestly, dont give a shit ...
because when all your reply is , is a correction - its pretty clear that you either didnt read, or you realize im right , cuz your really not sayign anythign at all

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Well, I find it interesting that this article has catalyzed such a flurry of argumentative banter. If nothing else, Newkirk's belief that her actions would cause a stir must certainly be correct if the simple mention of the act arouses such discussion. Most of it has nothing whatsoever to do with the article at all!

As for the validity and/or efficaciousness of PETA's various actions, they have always been of such a nature as to remove any hope of their group being a "serious" organization.
In much the same way, the Furry fandom has and continued to suffer from such outlandish acts (like the recent ConFURence debacle). The actions of a few will perpetually disrupt the lives of many.

>the "3rd person" was the *****-wad who >suggested someone should kill ingrid

Although the reasoning behind this statement was explained once (unnecessarily) I will reaffirm that this was clearly not a threat. It brings up the excellent point that in order for Newkirk's "stunt" to be fully accurate and correct, she would have to be slaughtered, rather than waiting for the convienence of a natural death.

> matter of fact, i think pretty soon people >should get together and forma new fandom >with a mandatory dress code of jack-boots and >steel helmets

No need. There are already several such groups with whom you may seek application.

>and then finally there would be a real funny >animal comic expo with some taste,
>where the general public can attend without >being horrified, possibly even expanding the >new fandom where it could be accepted easily >ona large scale,

I don't believe the fandom will ever achieve such a "mainstream" status, nor should it necessarily desire such. It is one thing to have a respectable name, and quite another to expect wide-scale acceptance. Sci-fi and Horror Cons, among others, could be said to now have "respectable" names, inasmuch that they are accepted (if unknown) occurences by most of society. To expect that the majority of people would take an interest in these cons - regardless of their content or respectability - is unlikely. Besides, people join groups - any group - to be with those that share similar interests, to be different, to be part of something noone else is. If everyone has in interest in something you tend to lose that sense of uniqueness.
Despite all the "filth", as you say, I am quite happy with the fandom, for the good, and the bad. It is what you make it.

In any event, if you feel that you can more successfully organize a "Funny Animals Comic Con" or the like, you are welcome to do so.

> and once again since you didnt get the >goddamn point the first time, keep bringing up >spelling and grammer asshole, becuase the >thing is ...i really,really, honestly, dont give a >shit ...

That much is clear. Despite your personal feelings (or lack therof) on the matter, others will find the lack of an attempt on your part to construct a reasonably readable post most distressing. It will certainly hinder any attempts you might make in your bid to restructure the fandom.


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WOW! You ARE a Wacko!

Michael Hirtes is that you?

Or possibly Sibe?

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fair enough cordite , kt wasnt making a threat,
but somethign about feren saying "these peopel cant eliminate themselves fast enough from the gene pool"
strikes me as particularly funny:
if youll remember the 1st story of SKUNK "a dream ***** true" ends on a VERY similar note

"once again mother nature in her infinate wisdom .."

personally all i see ingrid doing is a way to illustrate to peopel , whether you agree or not , that if human leather and mummified relics such as hands and feet of people is that morbid, maybe just maybe, elephant leg umbrella holders are also weird

thats all

i dont think peta trying to turn it into a franchise, maybe just make people think

besides other than peta who else is there, local animal shelters , wildlife sanctuarys, these places deal with existing problems they dont change policy (or attempt to)

this is getting increasingly off topic but i want to let you know

as far as the fandom goes, look at the comics, everythign is way too internet and word of mouth based, comics are erratically published

example : wild frontier, 3 issues, 3 years, 2 publishers, and who knows when 4 is supposed to come out , i stoped waiting for the site to update a long time ago
which is too bad because it was a great comic

and thats not an oddball either, its extremely common from what i see, things will go out of print before people have a chance to buy them

some of the way more popular series keep going , but it seems new stuff doesnt get enough momentum going to continue, and that important early on

you dont see posters advertising new anthro comics hanging up in comic shops, theres no central mass communication outlet / PR office for this genre

look at back inthe 80s albedo
critters , tons of other funny animal titles
a comic shop have no problem putting it on a shelf, and seems to me these had a pretty nice following for what is supposed to be a small niche

i know albedo one was listing in 93 for $75
im sureits gone down considerably since then
and i dont think its "just" the comic market as a whole either

captain carrot, even though it didnt do well, it was DC , so it was on the shelves

most regular comic shops wind up with furry stuff by mistake or filling orders for people
they wont buy it and leave it out for casual shoppers

how would i ever find out when new comics are coming out? skim the BS on A.f.f??? i get most of my news from rabbit valley , they are far as i can tell largest furry comic shop period, and they are in shit right now financially

if they go under whats left? just buy it from the publisher ? that works ..sort of
its also kind of impractical in a way

i would think that would be a good thing, for people to see a comic they havent seen before in thier local shop , buy it , and maybe realize they like anthropomorphic comics

unfortunatly too much bad press does do damage, as much as everyone wants to deny it. there has to be change

if the comics go down the toilet all u gonna have left is furry partys and kinko's fanzines
which may be ok for some but i think the silent majority would disagree

i get the feeling this confurence fiasco gonna hurt worse than people think its going to

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"She has willed that her flesh be barbecued, her skin turned into leather products, her feet into umbrella stands, and her liver vacuum packaged." be sold on eBay with a low reserve and a "Buy It Now" price of $500.

Millie Mudd had the right idea... *chuckle*

- PunkTiger!

- PunkTiger!

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Doesn't she know how to cook meat? Probably not!

For an old tough piece of meat like her Barbequeing isn't is totally unappropriate!

You must braise or pressure cook meat that old to make it tasty!

I suggest a 6 hour braise at 275 degrees with a nice red wine marinade!


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