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PETA cages "tiger" in protest

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PETA activist Holly Fraser protested the treatment of circus animals by painting herself up as a tiger and sitting outside in a cage. It seems being half-naked seemed to help increase public awareness.


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This is certainly nothing new. I've been seeing pictures of the "caged tiger" girl who follows PETA activists to various events for several years now.

It seems that no matter how adamant she is about her cause, though, the only message that seems to come across is "Hey, PETA is using a half-naked girl in a cage painted like a tiger to make some point!" although the point itself seems to be completely lost on the audience.

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Lame paint job! I've seen, and done, better :)

Now, if she really wanted some attention, she should have gone painted, tip to tail, like I've seen on this... well... nevermind. Forget I said anything.

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