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Hamburg Refuses PETA Name Change Offer

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PETA, in its quest for strange ways to expend its resources, has asked that the town of Hamburg, NY. change it's name in exchange for $15,000 worth of veggieburgers.
The proposed name change? Veggieburg, of course.
Hamburg has held its name since 1812 and has no intentions of changing it. It claims to be the birthplace of the hamburger and is home to the annual Burgerfest.


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Is it just me, or do animal activist groups spend most of their time and effort on useless nonsense rather than actually living up to their 'ideals'?

Given such examples as this, I'm suprised any of them ever accomplish anything.


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They go and prove everyone wrong... *rolls his eyes*

Tlaren }:=8}

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I'm personally an animal rights advocate....and the first thing that came to my mind is, why the hell don't they use that $15,000 or whatever to help some suffering animals rather than changing a town's name. I wouldn't care if it was called "Poopburg", I still wouldn't be eating poop. If I want a hamburger in Veggieburg I'm gonna have one....

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...and here I always though hamburgers were named after the city in Germany. Frankfurters and weiners are named after their respective cities. (Notes: Wein is the German spelling of Vienna (Austria), and -er is the German suffix meaning "of" or "from".)

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i live in hamburg NY , and i didnt even hear about this , its because hamburg is a shit town, that generates precisely zero news. and it covers a wide psychsical area and has a decent population making thta even more pathetic . and i can tell you that the idea that hamburgers were invented here is a lie

i have to put up with the "burgerfest" and all the lies and false pride that come with it

they were even going to paint our water tower as a hamburger ...thank god they didnt do it

im surprised they didnt take the burgers and rename the town, i think it would be a great idea, just for the cash alone or burgers, whatever it was

the mayors an ass anyway, i mean a genuine grade A, #1 asshole. i can speak personally, he teaches at the high school, or did when i went there. to give u an idea why this town sucks its a suburb of buffalo, to give you a reference point

PETA woudl be better off spending $15000 worth of cluster bombs and dropping all over the town, now THAT woudl be awesome

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