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Furry Puppets Make a comeback

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"PETA? I love cats on pita. With mayo."

So while everyone's glad to see a human thespian make a comeback, when a puppet icon returns to the big time, you really have to give it a hand.

Ms. Piggy mascot



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I’m sorry, but I was looking for something else called Alf.

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I'm sorry for the jokes I made about Flayrah's standards because if this old-ass article is any indication they used to be much lower and y'all have improved by leaps and bounds. I'm curious though, how is/was it that Anonymous submissions could be made?

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That changed when Green Reaper took over; you now have to have an account to submit stories.

However, there is an option for editors to make stories anonymous, hence why the Newsbytes articles are now anonymous. dronon does those now, and he explained he didn't feel right taking credit for them, so he makes them anonymous. I really doubt there would ever be a situation where we needed to do make an actual article truly anonymous, especially since most of us are pseudonymous to begin with.

Lots of the "Anon" stories even from this era aren't actually "anonymous", as they usually have a written in byline at the end; but, yeah, this one's kind of crap.

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Probably to avoid doxxing for articles that reveal sensitive information. Pseudonyms don't really deter the determined. Your own profile here links to both your Twitter and Facebook and from there, well, I guess it depends. That's assuming you give a shit though and in this day in age, you probably shouldn't. Unless you've molested kids or committed murder or something, I think we're at a point where so many people have been doxxed or otherwise been outed for doing truly reprehensible things that when put side by side with all the ones who used to get ridiculed because someone found out they're just generic furries, it's like, uuuhhh, I almost want to say the bar has been lowered, but in actuality I think it'd be more accurate/fair to say society has gotten a huge wakeup call and started putting things in perspective.

Until the next 9/11 at least. You just know there'll be one, and another swing of the pendulum back to the fucking 50's.

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