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Bull and bears in advertisements...

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USA Today has an article, Bull, bear show up together in ads for trading about the use of furries in advertisements. and their effectiveness I got a grin from the following quote:

Such icons "are an easier, more palatable way for people to accept they've lost half their money."


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Cute ads, and the bear delivers a good punchline. While I'm still a bit offended that the bear is such a pessimist (Honestly! I'm not that bad, am I?), I think the ads are the right touch of whimsy at the right time.

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[While I'm still a bit offended that the bear is such a pessimist ]

Given the meaning of "bear market" I'd say that they had him well within character. It's amusing to see the two stock market scenario terms so nicely personified.

"We use them for divine retribution."

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The personification was right on. I was just goofing off my phenotype. I hope none of my friends think I'm that much of a pessimist.

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