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Anthro and Cyberpunk merge in music video - Magnum Bullets

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Dan Avidan, after years of dancing around topic of being a furry and which he would be, seems to have settled on his fursona of a cyberpunk wolf in a recently released music video. The video features animal characters with trans-humanist enhancements. The coloration has a signature bleed of 80s style animation.

The story portrays a pack of wolves seeking vengeance against a stag mogul after having their kin slaughtered at his hand. The style of animation and situation has some striking similarities to that of Caravan Palace's music video for Lone Digger.

This was brought to my attention by Majira Strawberry who asked why know one was talking about it. The answer to that in my case is object pertinence.

For those who are fans of cyberpunk and animation this is certainly worth the watch.

One Very Mixed-Up World

Writer and artist Ian Jay refers to his on-line black & white comic Crossed Wires as an “anthro cyberpunk hacker romance action” story.  We’d be hard-pressed to find a better description! Visit his official Crossed Wires page to see what he means. While you’re at it, take a look at his on-line store. There you will find (among other things) collections of Ian’s previous anthropomorphic comics, including Epiphany and Megahertz.

image c. 2015 by Ian Jay

image c. 2015 by Ian Jay

"Last Res0rt" debuts free companion RPG

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Last Res0rt, a webcomic following the adventures of a young vampire fur on a futuristic reality show, has released a 30-page prototype of a tabletop RPG based on the comic.

The game contains additional backstory on the Last Res0rt universe, and provides a primer to play as one of six available species (five furry/scaly species, as well as humans), plus supernatural variants such as Djinn, Zombies, Celeste, and – of course – vampires.

The printed version of the game is expected to contain several more pages of content, as well as changes suggested by readers and players.