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Rabid skunk alert in Royal Oak, Michigan; 2 destroyed

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Unfortunate news from Metro Detroit this week: On Thursday, a pair of rabid skunks were destroyed in the suburb of Royal Oak, causing the police to issue a warning to local residents. [WXYZ-TV - Channel 7 Detroit and WDIV-TV -]

The Royal Oak Police say the skunks were found on the 1700 Block of Maxwell Avenue and the 200 block of Dewey Street, near Oakview Cemetery. Numerous calls were received from concerned homeowners in the highly-built-up residential area. The police said those coming into contact with an animal who they suspect may have rabies should leave the area and call them.

Read more: Information on rabies from the Oakland County Health Department and Wikipedia.

Family of foxes camping on Michigan front lawn

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A family of foxes has been discovered living in a front lawn along Caryn Street in the Detroit suburb of Farmington Hills, Michigan. Neighbours have stated that while the foxes are interesting and cute to watch, they are worried for both their safety, and the safety of the residents on the street.

The family is composed of two adults, and seven kits, living within a foxhole on the front lawn of a home on the street.