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SoCal FurBQ Jun 21st Irvine Regional Park

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Its Time for the annual Fur-B-Q! It will be held on Jun 21st at the usual location in Irvine Regional Park. Many furrs attend this event every year, bringing tons of food and drink and merryment: Most of the Cats tend to love hanging around in the local low-hanging trees, many artists love drawing under the Shade of such trees, and the plentiful amount of Oxygen given off by said trees keeps everyone purring along quite happily.

When you get in, hang a right after paying your parking fee and there should be some signs set up on the display boards along the road that point to where we are. We will stake our claim at the traditional spot, between Parking Lots 9 and 10 as shown on the park brochure, which can be seen here.

Western PA Fall Fur-b-que & Fur Meet '04!

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Hello Furs!

The Western Pennsylvania Fall Fur-b-que and Weekend FurMeet will be held Columbus Day weekend, October 9 & 10, 2004. The Fur-b-que will be held again this year at Fireman's Memorial Park, in Aspinwall, PA. (Just east of Pittsburgh)

Western PA Spring Fur-b-que and Meet! 6/5 & 6/04!

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I’d like to take a moment to invite you to 2004’s Western Pennsylvania Spring Fur-b-que and Meet which is planned for the weekend of June 5 & 6th, 2004

Pittsfurgh Fall Fur-b-que! 10/12-13/02

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Hello everyfur!

Well, here in Pittsfurgh we furs like to howl in the Summer and howl it out in the Autumn with a bi-annual furry meet at the Foxes' Den in Aspinwall, PA!

This year is no different and the Fall Fur-b-que will be held Columbus Day weekend October 12th & 13th.