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Furry Night Live

Furry Night Live skit causes laughter, offense

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A recorded skit parodying a popular SNL short brought raucous laughter to this year's Furry Night Live. However, some found the work by fursuit studio Furr Happens deeply offensive, and have been making their voices heard on Further Confusion's LiveJournal.

The three-minute video parodied Saturday Night Live digital short The Shooting/Dear Sister — itself a parody of The Dearly Beloved, The O.C.'s second series finale. Two years ago, the same group provided a take-off of DNL short "Dick In A Box" (comparison), winning a popular vote.

Those complaining about the video felt it trivialized domestic violence and the use of guns. As of Thursday night, Frysco had moderated FurCon after posts which "degenerated into name-calling, personal attacks and flame-wars," in part due to an unrelated staff incident.