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Furry Night Live skit causes laughter, offense

Edited as of Tue 16 Mar 2021 - 19:03
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A recorded skit parodying a popular SNL short brought raucous laughter to this year's Furry Night Live. However, some found the work by fursuit studio Furr Happens deeply offensive, and have been making their voices heard on Further Confusion's LiveJournal.

The three-minute video parodied Saturday Night Live digital short The Shooting/Dear Sister — itself a parody of The Dearly Beloved, The O.C.'s second series finale. Two years ago, the same group provided a take-off of DNL short "Dick In A Box" (comparison), winning a popular vote.

Those complaining about the video felt it trivialized domestic violence and the use of guns. As of Thursday night, Frysco had moderated FurCon after posts which "degenerated into name-calling, personal attacks and flame-wars," in part due to an unrelated staff incident.

At Furry Night Live Deer Sister


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Wow, one day I hope that I can be as professional as that staff member and curse at paying convention guests. (Unruly guests notwithstanding.)

Butthurt, in furry?! Say it ain't so.

On the other hand..... there are several times I just wanted to incoherently scream at furries, so... there's that, I guess.

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In fairness, this was after the Dead Dog Party on Sunday night. People were a little rowdy. If you check the video comments, the chief instigator of said rowdiness mentioned that perhaps it was a good idea to get people back onto the sidewalk, especially given the potential for a vehicular incident.

We've had people knocked over and sent to the hospital at conventions before - though they were back in suit the day after with bandages wrapped around - and there were cars going by, so it was important to get people off the road. The words could have been chosen better, but they were effective.

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So, after decades of dramatizing/glamorizing death and violence in countless movies and TV shows, suddenly a parody of a parody of a TV drama is controversial? I thought it was pretty funny skit.

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I think anyone complaining about this clip is just looking for something to bitch about. Its entertainment for God's sake. Do you also write letters bitching at Lt. Worf for firing a torpedo up someone's ass, killing all the people on board of a ship when he only needed to kill the capt and the guy pushing the button on the opposing ship? LOL. Cmon guys, its television / media. Not real life. Go find yourself a sense of humor. Hell, gimme a shout and I'll send you the $$$ so you can go buy one!. LOL. Dumb ass emo drama dolts! Gah!I say keep at the fun and entertainment. And those bitching, well, just kick em in the nads and drag em feet first on their backs out the door.

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I think that there's one chief complainer, and honestly, he's new to furry (within the last two years.) His honeymoon period is over, and now he's hitting that stage where he's finding all the little imperfections and things that don't validate furry as a happy fun land of flowers. This is manufactured outrage, and how this particular series of complaining (including this 50+ year old man getting his mother in law to write a note chastising FC) speaks more to the complainer than it does to the nature of FNL or Furr Happens or FC.

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People aren't allowed to have an opinion?

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They are. But others are also entitled to express an opinion about that opinion.

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ooooooooooooo whatcha saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

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Dear Furry Fandom,

Please get a sense of humor.


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lol. Classic.

However, It would be nice if furries used their "people skills" when placed in positions of responsibility. When things like this end up on youtube.. and they all do XD... it makes those furs who work behind the scenes for the conventions look like assholes... Shame really, cause most of them aren't. That could have been handled a whole lot better.

Meh. Moving on.

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