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Trailer: 'Hazbin Hotel' on Amazon Prime

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Better late than never, but a release frame and streaming service has finally been announced for Hazbin Hotel, sister series of the Ursa Major Award-winning adult animated web-series Helluva Boss. This is the one creator Vivienne "Vivziepop" Medrano and her SpindleHorse animation studio are not giving away for free.

After the series pilot released to YouTube all the way back in 2019, it was picked up by cult distributor A24 (Hazbin Hotel is not their first demonic rodeo), and the series has found a home on Amazon Prime, to begin streaming next January, with a second season planned.

Update 10/14/23: A voice cast has been announced (Keith David as Husk!) and an preview of the show's theme tune have been released at New York Comic Con.

The premise of the upcoming series, as presented by the pilot, is a hotel in Hell that provides "rehab" for damned souls, in an effort to gain them redemption and a second shot at Heaven. From a furry perspective, the actual number of anthropomorphic animal characters is relatively low, if the number of inhuman characters is high. Put another way, there isn't really as obvious a "Loona" for furries as there is in Helluva Boss, though there are characters such as Husk the bartender, who resembles a small fur-bearing mammal with bird wings, and Alastor the Radio Demon actually being a highly stylized deer. Also, the whole thing did start out as an offshoot of a furry webcomic.

Earlier vague announcements had put the first season of the show premiering this summer, but this obviously did not happen. Much like the delayed finale of season one of Helluva Boss, no official confirmation has been made of what caused the delay, and probably never will, but the fact that a Writer's Guild of America strike that has delayed multiple other productions ended the day before the announcement may offer a clue. Whatever the actual reasons for the almost half a decade wait between the pilot and the series, there's a special place in Hell for animation fans early next year.


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Bit late, but drama as apparently Hazbin Hotel's outsourcing studio Spindlehorse wanted to pay $35/sec of rough animations for the finale, as compared to Helluva Boss's $60 rate. Perhaps for those looking to pick up extra spending money to make the holiday a very special one?

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Oh dear... I smell greedy CEOs

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Tsk, are Sir Pentious and his Egg Bois not worth mention because they're not fuzzy? ;)

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I honestly thought they killed him off at the end of the pilot, and just refused to accept his existence despite the evidence.

Seeing as how important a character he became this season, that's kind of an oversight.

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Actually there was a post credits scene where he climbed out of the hole only to be asked by his Egg Boi if he would shoot him again.

He's basically HH's Megamind - a resilient and adorkable 'villain' who's *spoiler*. :D

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