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'Helluva Boss' debuts Season 2, despite not technically being done with Season 1

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Loona's lost dog posterThe now-Ursa Major Award-winning animated YouTube series Helluva Boss has begun its second season on YouTube, with "The Circus" available now. Warning: The episode linked to contains "Graphic Violence, Strong Language, Sexual Themes, Flashing Lights" and "Rampant Demon Horniness" according to the episode's opening itself. The show, created by Vivienne "Vivziepop" Medrano, tells the story of the demonic assassination startup business I.M.P.

The last episode of Helluva Boss, "Ozzie's", was posted back on Halloween of last year - listed as a "Finale Part I", so a "Finale Part II" was surely forthcoming. An update on the show's Twitter account explains the situation:

The Good News is the episode we have been working on for basically 8 months now is finally at the finish line-but the Bad News is due to forces quite literally out of my control we unfortunately don't know when we are able to actually release it ... at this point.

But you will see it!

Update 6/25/2023: Nearly a year later, the episode has finally been released to YouTube. As of yet, no official reason for the delay has been given, and probably never will be, but surprise guest voice actor Kesha very recently settled a court case, which was probably behind the lack of release. Meanwhile, Season 2 is approximately halfway through, with the fourth episode, "Western Energy" releasing last May, with a fifth episode already being teased and possibly even itself delayed by the release of "Queen Bee".

Now before you get upset!! I'll be real with you all!

While this episode is a direct followup to Episode 7 and adds a fun additional plot line to that episode, Episode 7 really was the real story finale of the season! Episode 8 was written as a bonus and it is more like a grand visual spectacle of an episode kind of finale!! It isn't quite the narrative followup everyone is expecting so we have decided to make it a special that we will drop as soon as we are able but at this time we don't know when that will be. It could be soon or a long time from now but know that it is coming. It is a banger feast for the eyes that we worked very hard on, so you will get it eventually!

That said we are going ahead and jumping into Season Two. We understand it may feel strange to skip an episode, but with how the 2 part finale was structured, all the important information moving into the next season was already delivered in Part 1 and the character development in Part 2 is ongoing as the show continues. Which is why we have decided to move forward with Season 2 ... July 30!!

Setting aside that the missing episode is promised to be a "banger feast for the eyes", furries may be a little disappointed, as it appeared to be centered around Loona the hellhound (voiced by Erica Lindbeck), who is the furriest character in the series, and only briefly appeared in the now-final episode of Season 1. She got to wear a cute red dress in December's 2022 trailer - still the only footage available from the episode - which implies she's finally attending a hellhound party she was invited to back in Episode 3, "Spring Broken", the episode with her previous largest role (though she, disappointingly for furry fans, also spent most of that episode disguised as an, ugh, human).

Loona does not appear in the newest episode, "The Circus" (nor do her impish co-employees, Moxxie and Millie), but furry fans still have Stolas (voiced by Bryce Pinkham), an owlish Demon Prince whose complex relationship with Blitzo (voiced by Brandon Rogers; the "o" is silent, by the way) is central to the story of the episode. The demon Paimon, the father of Stolas, also appears, and the show continues to employ voice talent well beyond what one would suspect, with Jonathan Freeman, the voice of Jafar from Disney's 1992 film Aladdin playing the part.

In other news, we have no status update on our 2023 Beastars review. Please stop asking us about it.


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This episode was a disaster. Vivziepop was somehow able to take a character who was an evil creepy pervert and turn him into one of the worst Mary Sues in all of fiction. Once I stated that Stolas deserved to be murdered by his wife however this took it into the level of turning Stella from a scorned woman into a ridiculous villain with no transition what so ever. This show promised a dark comedy, but now its a bad anime. Likewise, there was nothing to indicate that Stolas and Blitzo ever knew each other beyond their business relationship. Now Helluva Boss is The Room but if it was written by Satan from South Park.

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For all he's a demon prince, he's always been one of the more pleasant and nice cast members. If being gay and wanting a relationship with Blitz is being a pervert, then maybe. You'll note that while he allows Murder Inc to do its thing using his grimoire, He's never actually killed anyone himself. Not even in Season 1 ep 6 where he had to come to the rescue. Stella has been horrible from the start. This episode just showed how horrible. Even with all the provocation he's had, he never hit her or abused her in any way as near as I can tell.

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I mean, yeah, Stella was putting out a hit on Stolas while he was sitting across the table from her. So her nature didn't really come out of no where.

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Why would she need to hire a hitman on him if she just likes to torment him? Doesn't that seem kind of self-contradictory?

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I actually watched Beastars since we got Netflix as part of a TV package, but season 2 ended on kind of a sour note (due to squeezing in way too much content at once) - and likewise, I wasn't really inspired enough by Season 4 of Aggretsuko to write about it. Probably for the best; I'm not much of a reviewer.

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I don't pay for subscriptions services, out of protest toward the concept of not being able to support content I like in a more direct manner.

And I'm too lazy to be a pirate.

On the plus side, it saves me a crap ton of time and money.

My ability to review the previous seasons of Aggretsuko was a friend had shared their password, but I rarely used it and they needed to cut their costs and cancelled it in the end.

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Update: So, episode 8 of season 1 is coming soon., and it is apparently Loona as fuck.

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Explains why she was just lounging at base the last episode I saw with the helicopter.

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There were actually some rumors the character was being de-emphasized, due to her voice actor, Erica Lindbeck, going through a personal tragedy earlier this year (longtime boyfriend passed away). The episode you're talking about is actually fairly typical, though; Loona's the receptionist, it's her job to stay at the office. The next episode's b-plot was basically all about Loona, but she didn't actually speak once (for in story reasons, it should be noted), so that's when the rumors really started. However, both Lindbeck and Medrano have confirmed that this was basically a coincidence, and Lindbeck's not going anywhere.

New old episode will be coming out Saturday, btw.

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Also, for the record, that Beastars review is not looking good, but the year is only half over!

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Word play, word play. Are we PG-13 here?

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