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IndyFurCon outgrows hotel six months before launch

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Most new furry conventions strike an uneasy balance with growth. Furry Connection North found it had to move immediately after its first year. But IndyFurCon has gone one better, claiming to have outgrown its hotel half a year before launch.

Whoozfur Inc. Vice President Drittauge Cougar explained the situation:

After research due to high demand for the event, we have concluded that our current venue is unable to provide adequate space and accommodations for the convention. [...] The Hilton Indianapolis North will be taking over as our venue for IndyFurCon 2010.

Update: Memberships are on sale until Sunday. Regular: $40 -> $25, Sponsor: $70 -> $50, Supersponsor: $130 -> $105, Lifetime: $250 -> $225