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How to upstage an awards ceremony in three easy steps...

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1)Attend ceremony
2)Become overwhelmed by cute lobsters
3)Grab them from the pot before they're boiled and run down the driveway shouting "I'm saving the lobsters, I'm saving the lobsters!"

Barney the lobster saved from the pot

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A yard long, barnacle-encrused lobster turned up in a shipment of live seafood to a London restaurant. William Copper, head chef at Kaspia, said "(The lobster) was too big and too beautiful to cook." This beautiful crustacean, named "Barney", is now at the London aquarium awaiting re-release into his home ocean off of Cornwall. Barney may be over 60 years old, and is merely 4 inches shy of the largest lobster ever caught. The BBC article (with photo) is