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Ozy and Millie

I Don’t Care If It Stunts My Growth

A Furry Fandom favorite moves further into the eye of the mainstream, thanks to AMP! Comics For Kids. Now they bring us the Ozy and Millie Graphic Novel Volume 1 — written and illustrated by Dana Simpson, of course. “From the creator of the enormously popular Phoebe and Her Unicorn series comes Ozy and Millie, a playful comic exploring the friendship between two foxes. Meet Ozy and Millie, two middle-grade students in Seattle who also happen to be foxes. This comic centers around these two best friends as they take on the everyday challenges all middle-graders face-bullies, tests, and the dread of going back to school after a surprise snow day. Ozy is a young male fox whose adoptive father happens to be a dragon and frequent presidential candidate. Ozy’s calm and thoughtful demeanor is constantly tested by Millie’s rambunctious and rebellious pursuits.” Find out more over at Previews. Available now from Andrews McMeel.

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'Ozy and Millie' to end after ten year run

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Cartoonist D.C. Simpson has announced plans to retire daily webcomic Ozy and Millie later this year, after a decade-long run of over 2,200 strips.[1][2]

The strip is to be completed with a final storyline and print collection, possibly followed by other projects involving the characters.

Simpson cited ongoing personal development as the reason for the change, finding a lessening ability to "deliver good [strips] that are up to my standards".

Missing Comic Sites

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Ozy & Millie has been unreachable for the past few days, (at least by me.) Likewise both The Gneech's sites, (Suburban Jungle and Never Never.) Anybody know anything about it?

Mwalimu writes: I was able to access all three of these strips just now, and haven't encountered any particular difficulty over the last few days for the two I follow regularly. Fans of another strip, Wyldfire, might be interested to know that it (and its parent website, MPrints) recently moved to a new address. It can now be found at