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Missing Comic Sites

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Ozy & Millie has been unreachable for the past few days, (at least by me.) Likewise both The Gneech's sites, (Suburban Jungle and Never Never.) Anybody know anything about it?

Mwalimu writes: I was able to access all three of these strips just now, and haven't encountered any particular difficulty over the last few days for the two I follow regularly. Fans of another strip, Wyldfire, might be interested to know that it (and its parent website, MPrints) recently moved to a new address. It can now be found at


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All three sites listed as being unreachable are Keenspot comics, and quite often I've seen keenspot go down for what seems like NO reason. Just try again later. The sites are there, just your route there may be dead. I've already emailed the admins about it there and they are working on the problems I've seen.

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And what's happened to Chuck Melville's site? I haven't been able to get in there for weeks now...

Mike Payne

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As one of the KeenSpace Wranglers who help out with the KeenSpot/Space server, the offical word is "We're on it." Unoffical, only myself commentary below:

Technically, KeenSpot and KeenSpace share the same server at this time (Dec 16th, 2001) -- a DNS lookup on each of the usernames (including NewsHounds, Gene Catlow, Schlock Mercinary, and others) can confirm this. That's over five thousand comics! This puts a ton of load on the server, and sometimes it does go down. The admins tell me that they are working on some homebrewed clustering technology that will lighten up the servers some, as well as a few other ideas.

The Wranglers keep an eye on the server because we also have our own comics on there. The admins are also cartoonists!

Don't be afraid to contact me directly if one of the servers goes down. I'll check it and pass it along.

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