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Review: 'Felix the Cat Paintings', by Don Oriolo

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Felix the Cat Paintins by Don OrioloThis is a beautiful but chaotic collection of full-color paintings of Felix the Cat, by Don Oriolo.

There are at least five title pages and subtitles, all different, plus a foreword by Craig Yoe and short essays or tributes by comic book and animation experts, historians and, in the book’s term, aficionados Mark Evanier, Jerry Beck, David Gerstein and Paul Castiglia. The most important subtitles are A collection of paintings from the prolific imagination of the Felix the Cat guy and Curated, designed and edited by Rod Ollerenshaw. Another is The Felix the Cat Paintings of Don Oriolo.

To add to the confusion, there are websites and copyright statements for,, © 2014 Felix the Cat Productions, Inc. and © 2014 Gussoni-Yoe Studio. Inc.

Included are full-page photographs of Don Oriolo with Craig Yoe, two of the essayists, actor-artist Tony Curtis and some of his paintings.

Foreword by Craig Yoe, San Diego, CA, IDW Publishing, February 2014, hardcover $34.99 (unpaged [168 pages]).

Seattle gallery opens 'Rayguns and Robots!' art exhibition

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Captain Qwendolth Blazar and the Thing From Beyond, by Tyler ParkerWired has a gallery of twenty works in a Seattle art exhibition open June 16–July 22, “Rayguns and Robots!” (with an exhibition poster partially inspired by Planet of the Apes), at James Monosmith’s Ltd. Art Gallery.

The exhibit, curated by Chris Jackson, consists of over seventy pieces by forty-one artists, “dedicated to art influenced by the sci-fi stylings of the 1940s and 1950s.”

Most of the paintings, sculptures, and vinyl toys are not anthropomorphic, but check out Mikeatron!’s painting of a Godzilla-like monster skipping rope in the radioactive ruins of Tokyo, Chet Phillips’ “MST3k Attacks”, “They Came From Beyond Space” by Ken Keirns, “Back to the River, Back to the Forest” by Patrick Maxcy, and “Captain Qwendolth Blazar and the Thing From Beyond” by Tyler Parker.